17-Year-Old Indonesian Spinner makes History with Record-Breaking debut!

The world of women’s T20I cricket witnessed a historic moment on April 24, 2024, as a young Indonesian cricketer etched her name in the record books. Rohmalia Rohmalia, a 17-year-old off-spinner, produced a spell for the ages, claiming a staggering 7 wickets for 0 runs on her international debut against Mongolia.

On April 24th, 2024, a new chapter was written in the history books of women’s T20I cricket. In a bilateral series against Mongolia, 17-year-old Indonesian off-spinner Rohmalia. Rohmalia etched her name in the record books with a spell that defied belief. Rohmalia achieved the unthinkable, taking a staggering seven wickets for zero runs in just 3.2 overs, shattering the previous record for the best bowling figures in women’s T20 Internationals.

This wasn’t just about breaking a record; it was a testament to Rohmalia’s exceptional talent and composure on the biggest stage of her young career. Walking out for her first international match, the pressure could have been immense. However, Rohmalia displayed nerves of steel, bamboozling the Mongolian batters with her accurate off-spin bowling.

It’s worth noting that Rohmalia isn’t the only bowler to have taken seven wickets in a women’s T20I match. Argentina’s Alison Stocks achieved this feat in 2019, claiming 7 wickets for 3 runs against Peru. However, Rohmalia’s achievement stands out due to her economical bowling, making her the first bowler in the history of women’s T20Is to take a seven-wicket haul without conceding a single run.

This phenomenal feat surpassed the previous record held by Netherlands seamer Frederique Overdijk, who had claimed 7 wickets for 3 runs against France during a T20 World Cup Europe Region Qualifier back in 2021. Rohmalia went one step further, conceding no runs whatsoever, making her achievement even more remarkable.

Rohmalia poses with the match ball and her Player-of-the-Match certificate


This wasn’t just about breaking a record; it was a testament to the talent and potential brewing in Indonesian women’s cricket. Rohmalia’s performance not only put Indonesia on the map in the cricketing world but also served as an inspiration for young aspiring female cricketers across the globe.

Prior to this record-breaking performance, Rohmalia had already shown glimpses of her potential. Playing domestically, she had impressed coaches and teammates with her accuracy and control. However, her performance against Mongolia catapulted her onto the international stage, leaving everyone in awe.

What exactly made Rohmalia’s spell so devastating? Experts point to her exceptional control and the ability to turn the ball prodigiously. Bowling off-spin, she exploited the inexperience of the Mongolian batters, who struggled to pick her deliveries. The fact that she conceded no runs highlights her pinpoint precision, not allowing the batters any scoring opportunities.

Rohmalia’s record-breaking performance joins a select group of phenomenal bowling spells in women’s T20Is. It’s worth noting that she isn’t the only bowler to have taken seven wickets in a single match. Argentina’s Alison Stocks achieved the feat in 2019, claiming 7 wickets for 3 runs against Peru. However, Rohmalia’s achievement stands out due to her economical bowling, conceding no runs.

Furthermore, this stellar performance adds another layer to the story of Rohmalia’s debut. Making her international bow is a momentous occasion for any player, but Rohmalia did so in style, rewriting the record books and announcing herself as a force to be reckoned with.

The cricketing world is now eagerly waiting to see how Rohmalia develops her skills in the coming years. This record-breaking performance has placed her firmly in the spotlight, and she will undoubtedly face higher expectations in future matches. However, with the talent she possesses and the right guidance, Rohmalia has the potential to become a bowling mainstay for the Indonesian women’s cricket team.

Rohmalia’s story transcends the boundaries of cricket. It serves as a powerful message of hope and inspiration, particularly for young girls in Indonesia and across the globe. Her achievement demonstrates that dedication, hard work, and a never-say-die attitude can lead to extraordinary results. It’s a story that encourages young girls to chase their dreams, regardless of the sport or field they choose to pursue.

The future of Indonesian women’s cricket looks bright with talents like Rohmalia leading the way. This historic performance is just the beginning of a promising journey, not just for Rohmalia but for the entire Indonesian women’s cricket team. With continued development and support, Indonesia can potentially become a force to be reckoned with in the world of women’s cricket.

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