“Batting is very difficult at the number he bats,” says Aakash Chopra on this Indian batter

Aakash Chopra praised this Indian wicket-keeper batter for his dedication towards cricket.

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra praised the wicket-keeper batter named Dinesh Karthik for his dedication to cricket and the team. Aakash Chopra appreciated him in a video posted on his official YouTube channel. The Hindi and English commentator feels Dinesh Karthik has done a lot to regain his position in the Indian cricket team. He also thinks Dinesh Karthik’s batting position is very difficult and only some batters can play like him at that position.

“Batting is very difficult at the number he bats. The way he has played, he has been brilliant. It has been a very long career, Dhoni’s entire international career got over in between but DK is still there,” said Aakash Chopra in a video posted on his official YouTube channel.

Dinesh Karthik has regained his form and got back into the Indian cricket team after so many years of struggling. The former KKR captain played for the Indian team before but wasn’t given many chances as legend MS Dhoni was irreplaceable at that time. But now, after MS retired from International cricket, Dinesh Karthik is back into the team and playing like ‘Old DK’. He finished so many games for RCB this season and won important points for them.

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