BCCI Coach Appointment: Ponting Declines Team India Coaching Role

Ponting confirms approach for India head coach role
The former Australia captain is keen to be an international coach but indicated the timing is not yet right for him

Finally, the endless search to appoint a head coach of Indian cricket team has turned a new page as it came into light that a former Australian cricketer of immense caliber and one of the greatest captains of the world, Ricky Ponting, rejected the BCCI’s offer. Ponting, for instance, has shown his willingness to being part of the international team as a coach; however, the nature of the post demands more time than he can handle now. This decision raises awareness of coaches’ struggles between trying to follow their passions to ideal while providing for themselves in a reasonable and affordable manner.

Coaching Challenge as the true motivation: An alternative perspective

Ponting has transitioned from the field and into the coaching box with ease after a glamorous playing career in cricket. He has done a satisfactory job with the headquarters of Delhi Capitals in IPL as the head coach. They are able to design a good strategy that helps in the achievements of their set goals and objectives due to the leadership and tactical ability of their leader. The idea of accepting a new challenge, which involves handling a national team in India, with so much cricketing tradition and devotion must have been appealing to the Australian-born Ponting.


This paper focuses on time constraints and lifestyle choices, including time-capitalism, continuous time, fragmented time, temporal flexibility, and time inequalities.

However, the head coach position in Indian team requires more or less consistent service as international cricket calendar does not have much of a break and involves frequent travel. Well it seems that at this stage of his career Ponting prefers a more balanced approach and deserves it. For his part, he appreciates his work with the commentary positions and participation with the IPL franchise. These commitments would have most probably been difficult to balance with a head coach of a national team position.

The Search Continues: One advantage of applying to big companies is that there will be a wide pool of potential candidates.

Currently BCCI is on the look out for a coach to fill the position and they have posted the date to when the applications will be closed which is on the 27th of May after the IPL finals. Other notable candidates, such as India’s apparent heir in the shape of Rahul Dravid too is also part of the race. This makes it easier for the BCCI to filter through the long list of internationally qualified individuals who would serve as a coach for the Indian cricket team to the most competent one.


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