Brentford Denounces Racist Abuse Directed at Ivan Toney, Urges Decisive Action

Brentford condemns racist abuse targeting Ivan Toney on Instagram, calling for decisive action and criminal prosecutions. The club expresses frustration over the insufficient response from social media platforms.

Brentford Football Club has strongly condemned the recurrence of racist abuse directed at striker Ivan Toney on Instagram, terming it ‘vile harassment.’ The Premier League club is calling for decisive action, including criminal prosecutions, against the perpetrators of such abuse.

In an official statement, Brentford expressed their anger and frustration, revealing that Ivan Toney has once again been subjected to racist comments on Instagram. The club has initiated investigations into what they describe as “vile harassment” and condemned the incidents in the strongest terms.

This is not the first time Ivan Toney has faced such abuse, with a similar incident occurring just four weeks ago. Despite reporting an alleged perpetrator to the authorities, Brentford states that no action has been taken against the individual. Last March, an individual received a three-year stadium ban for engaging in abusive behavior towards Toney on social media.


The club criticized the social media platforms’ responses to these ongoing issues as “underwhelming” and emphasized the need for real consequences for those responsible. Brentford highlighted that current solutions, such as filters to hide abuse, may protect players but do not effectively discourage offenders.

While expressing frustration, Brentford maintains faith that positive change is possible. The club appreciates the ongoing dialogue with platforms like Meta (X) but calls for more decisive and urgent action to combat online hate. They specifically advocate for prompt investigations and, critically, criminal prosecutions against individuals engaging in racist abuse.


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