Chelsea beat Real at Stamford Bridge and are on their way to Istanbul

Werner And Mount scored for the Blues as Chelsea defeated Real By 2-0 at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea will be facing Man City in an all English Premier League final of Champions League in Istanbul on 29th May.

In a much-anticipated match, Chelsea faced Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge in the 2nd leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League. Chelsea and Real Madrid scored a goal each in the 1st leg but Chelsea had an away goal advantage over Real. Chelsea played a 3-4-3 formation with Havertz as the sole striker. Werner and Mount played on the left and right wing respectively. Real Madrid started with a 4-3-3 formation with Benzema playing up-top as a striker.

The game kicked off and Chelsea were off to a flying start. They started pressing and created a lot of chances in the final third. 18 minutes in to the game, Werner scored a goal which was later scrapped by VAR as German was found offside. But this didn’t stop Chelsea. They kept on attacking and finally scored in the 28th minute.

Chelsea pushed forward with Kante making breakthrough runs. Kante ran the whole pitch and provided Havertz with a beautiful pass who chipped the ball over Courtois but it hit the crossbar. Luckily for Werner, the ball came directly to him and he headed the ball in to the net. Chelsea 1-0 Real Madrid. Benzema on the other end kept on trying. He had a couple of good chances as one of his headers hit the crossbar and other shot was stopped by Mendy. The Frenchman tried but was out of luck in this game.

By half-time Chelsea were leading in the game and were also ahead on aggregate by 2-1. Werner was substituted by Pulisic in the 67th minute. This substitute made the game completely in favour of Chelsea. In the 85th minute Mount scored for Chelsea from the 6-yard box courtesy of a great buildup play by Kante and an accurate pass by Pulisic. The game was done and dusted.

Chelsea dominated the whole game. They were strong in defence and clinical in-front of the goal. Zidane and his men were absolutely clueless against the Blues. Kante played like a midfield God. He was everywhere on the pitch. He intercepted the balls, he started the attacking transitions and made key passes which resulted in goals. He was given the man of the match for his brilliant performance with a rating of 8.94.

Chelsea will be facing Man City in an all English Premier League final of Champions League in Istanbul on 29th May.

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