CM Punk’s Most Controversial Moments in AEW and WWE

Wrestling star CM Punk has been fired by AEW following a backstage altercation, adding to his history of controversies in both AEW and WWE.

CM Punk’s Controversial Journey in AEW and WWE

The wrestling world has been abuzz with the news of CM Punk’s departure from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The wrestling superstar, also known as Phil Brooks, had a tumultuous career marked by controversies in both AEW and WWE. Let’s take a look at some of the most contentious moments in his journey.

Backstage Altercation Leads to AEW Departure

CM Punk’s firing from AEW came after a backstage squabble with Jack Perry during the All In pay-per-view show at Wembley Stadium. The AEW Discipline Committee, in consultation with legal counsel, recommended his termination with cause. This incident marked the end of Punk’s association with AEW, which had its fair share of controversial moments during his tenure.

Impactful WWE Career Marred by Controversy

CM Punk’s WWE career was characterized by both remarkable achievements and controversies. His feud with Jeff Hardy over the World Heavyweight Championship initiated his eventful stint. Punk’s compelling promos and storytelling prowess contributed significantly to WWE’s success.

In 2011, WWE produced the iconic “Pipebomb” promo, featuring Punk, which became an instant classic. The controversial storyline surrounding this promo left fans questioning its authenticity. The “summer of Punk” in the same year culminated in a thrilling Money in the Bank match against John Cena, where Punk won his first WWE championship.

Despite his illustrious WWE career, Punk played his final match in 2014 before departing from the promotion.

CM Punk’s Controversial AEW Tenure

After leaving WWE, Punk made a highly anticipated return to professional wrestling by signing with AEW in 2021. His AEW journey was no stranger to controversy. Punk engaged in a physical altercation with AEW wrestlers Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega, adding tension to the promotion.

Punk also took aim at AEW star Adam Page, leading to online trolling and controversy within the wrestling community.

UFC Stint Amid WWE Departure

In addition to his wrestling career, Punk ventured into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with the UFC. Following his departure from WWE in 2014, Punk fought twice in the UFC, making headlines and further diversifying his career.

CM Punk’s wrestling journey has been a rollercoaster ride filled with remarkable achievements and contentious moments. His impact on WWE and AEW cannot be denied, but controversy has always been an integral part of his wrestling legacy.

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