CUE League Unveiled: EPBL Introduces Pathway for Emerging Basketball Talent

EPBL and EWPBL launch the CUE League, offering a groundbreaking pathway for emerging basketball talent in India. The Uni Slam Series invites college player.

In a move set to redefine the landscape of basketball in India, the Elite Pro Basketball League (EPBL) and Elite Women’s Pro Basketball League (EWPBL) announced the introduction of CUE (Collegiate. Uprising. Elite), a structured league aimed at nurturing emerging basketball talent. The centerpiece of CUE is the Uni Slam Series, an exciting platform inviting college players to form open teams and vie for the coveted title.

Winning teams in the Uni Slam Series will earn the prestigious opportunity to progress to the next tier, the U League—a developmental league aptly named. This league serves as a crucible for Indian basketball talent, offering players an unparalleled platform to refine their skills and compete against the nation’s best. Moreover, outstanding performers in the Uni Slam Series might find themselves directly drafted into any of the professional teams in the EPBL and EWPBL.

Sunny Bhandarkar, CEO of Elite Pro Basketball, expressed excitement about the league structure, emphasizing its role in securing talent and establishing a clear pathway for players to ascend to the pinnacle of the sport. The Uni Slam Series and U League are strategically designed to create a competitive and nurturing environment for college players, preparing them for the challenges of professional basketball.


The U League, as a developmental stage, is poised to become a crucible for Indian basketball, acting as a stepping stone for players aspiring to reach the zenith of Indian professional basketball—the EPBL and EWPBL. The team clinching victory in the U League each season will automatically be promoted, adding as an additional team to the EPBL and EWPBL. This expansion is part of a visionary plan to accommodate 32 teams in the professional leagues over the next few years.

In an innovative move, winning both the Uni Slam Series and the U League presents players with the extraordinary opportunity to step onto the grand stage of the EPBL and EWPBL. This seamless progression from collegiate-level competitions to professional leagues reflects EPBL and EWPBL’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing the finest basketball talent in India.

Sunny Bhandarkar concluded by inviting basketball enthusiasts, colleges, and players to be part of this transformative journey as basketball in India reaches new heights. The CUE League promises to captivate fans and inspire a new generation of athletes, making a significant impact on the Indian basketball landscape.


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