Dauser’s superstition: Wearing the same underpants leads to gold

Discover Lukas Dauser’s quirky yet successful superstition of wearing the same underwear for three years, which helped him win the gold medal in the parallel bars competition at the Artistic Gymnastic World Championships in Antwerp.

In the world of sports, athletes often have unique rituals and superstitions. Lukas Dauser, a 30-year-old German gymnast, is no exception. What sets him apart is his unusual lucky charm that played a significant role in helping him secure the gold medal in the parallel bars competition at the Artistic Gymnastic World Championships in Antwerp.

Dauser’s secret? He has been wearing the same underpants for competitions for three years. This quirky superstition might raise eyebrows, but for Dauser, it’s a crucial part of his routine. The gymnast admitted to facing laundry challenges, even having to set up a clothesline in his room between breakfast and lunch to keep his special underpants fresh and clean.

His dedication to this superstition paid off as he clinched the gold medal with a score of 15.400, outperforming China’s Shi Cong (15.066) and Japan’s Kaito Sugimoto (15.000). This victory marked Germany’s first gold medal win in gymnastics since 2007.


Dauser’s wife, Viktoria, tried to break his superstition by gifting him new underwear for his 30th birthday. However, Dauser remained steadfast in his beliefs and opted for his trusted lucky underpants during the competition.

Reflecting on his victory, Dauser said, “I can’t believe it.” His coaches praised his performance, with Chief coach Valeri Belenki stating, “something you can’t do better.” Dauser’s personal coach, Hubert Brylok, commended his protegee’s strong nerves.

Dauser’s journey to this gold medal was not without challenges. Private changes and an injury made things difficult, forcing him to endure a long-distance relationship with his wife while pursuing his gymnastics career. Despite setbacks, Dauser worked hard to regain his focus and discipline, ultimately achieving his “beast mode” just in time for the competition in Antwerp.

With the 2024 Olympics in Paris on the horizon, Dauser is now setting his sights on that prestigious event. While preparations for the Olympics loom ahead, he’s currently savoring his well-deserved success. As he puts it, “The best parallel bars athlete. How great does that sound?”


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