Do you know how a country secures chance to host a FIFA World Cup?

In this article, we have mentioned how a country can host the FIFA World Cup-related procedures and information.

Hosting a FIFA World Cup is a huge deal, and it involves a lot of steps. This event is super famous and people all over the world love watching it. It started in 1930 and has been a big deal ever since. Now, let’s break down the journey a country goes through to host this exciting tournament.

Step 1: Expressing Interest (EOI)

So, a country says, “Hey, we want to host the FIFA World Cup!” This is called an Expression of Interest (EOI). It’s like raising your hand and saying, “Pick me!” This starts a long and kind of tough process.


Step 2: Feasibility Study

Once a country says they’re interested, they have to check if they can handle it. They do a study to see if they have enough stuff, like:

Infrastructure: This means having good stadiums, training places, and ways for people to get around. Sometimes, they have to spend a lot to make these things better.

Accommodations: There need to be good places for players, officials, media, and fans to stay, like hotels.

Transportation: The country must have good ways to move people around, like airports, roads, and public transportation.

Security: Keeping everyone safe is super important.

Money: Hosting the World Cup costs a lot, so the country needs to be able to afford it.

Laws and Rules: The country has to make sure it has the right laws and rules for the event, like visas for people coming in and protecting intellectual property.

Step 3: Bid Book Submission

After checking everything, the country makes a big document called the Bid Book. It’s like a giant plan that they give to FIFA. This book covers everything: which stadiums they want to use, where teams will practice, where people will stay, how everyone will get around, and even what they’ll do to take care of the environment.

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Step 4: Evaluation by FIFA

FIFA looks at all the Bid Books and decides which country has the best plan. They check everything – technical stuff, how things will work, and even the money side of it. They have different evaluations like technical, operational, and commercial.

Step 5: Inspection Visits

FIFA goes to visit the countries to see if everything in the Bid Book is real. They look at the venues, check the infrastructure, and make sure everything is safe and ready.

Step 6: Voting Process

Now comes the voting part. All the countries in FIFA vote to choose the host. Each country gets one vote, and the one with the most votes wins. This happens a few years before the actual World Cup.

Step 7: Host Announcement

Finally, FIFA announces the winning country in a big ceremony. It’s a massive moment with celebrations and joy. Everyone is excited to know where the next World Cup will happen.

Step 8: Preparations

After winning, the host country gets super busy. They build or fix stadiums, upgrade everything, and make sure everything is perfect for the big event.


So, hosting the FIFA World Cup is a big deal, but it comes with a lot of work. Countries have to show they can handle it, and the whole process takes a few years. From expressing interest to the big announcement, it’s an exciting journey with lots of planning and preparations. It’s a huge honor to host the World Cup, and it brings people from all over the world together to celebrate the love of football.

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