ECB officials not looking to ‘rush’ their IPL-returnees for the NEW ZEALAND test series

ECB official Ashly Giles has some news regarding England’s team selection for the New Zealand test series.

Following the situation of IPL getting suspended due to Breach of alleged Watertight Bio-Secure bubble, England Team director, Ashley Giles said that they have no plans to include their IPL stars  for next month’s Test series against New Zealand and may introduce new faces to cover a packed schedule.

Jos Buttler, Chris Woakes and Sam Curran etc are amongst the few that are currently quarantining after returning back to England from India after the cancelation of IPL 2021 mid ways.

“All these guys (returning from the IPL) are currently in quarantine and have had a number of spells in quarantine and bubbles,” Giles said on Monday.

“We need to look after them, with the amount of cricket they’ve got coming up. We’re not going to rush or force them back into cricket. Chris Silverwood (the England coach) will work with each and every one of them, as will our medical teams on what’s best for their progress.” Ashley added.

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