Father’s Olympic Dream for Daughter Inspires Tannu Gulia to Bronze at Khelo India Youth Games

Tannu Gulia, inspired by her father’s Olympic dream, secures bronze at the Khelo India Youth Games in wrestling. A transformative moment during the Rio Olympics propels her wrestling journey, fulfilling part of her father’s aspiration.

The transformative moment during the 2016 Rio Olympics, when Sakshi Malik’s last-minute heroics secured bronze, planted a seed of inspiration in Jagdish Gulia’s mind. A school bus driver in Haryana, Jagdish decided that his eight-year-old daughter, Tannu, would become a wrestler. Fast forward to the Khelo India Youth Games, and Tannu Gulia has realized part of that dream by winning bronze in the 65kg weight category at the Rajarathinam stadium.

Recalling the pivotal moment that sparked her wrestling journey, Tannu Gulia shares the memory of watching Sakshi Malik‘s triumph with her father at 4:30 in the morning. The jubilant celebration between father and daughter set the course for Tannu’s future in wrestling.

While Jagdish would have been delighted with a gold medal, Tannu expresses satisfaction with the bronze, comparing it to her previous experience where she returned empty-handed. Her determination to showcase tangible results to her father propelled her to secure a place on the podium.


Typically accompanied by her father to most competitions, this time Tannu was supported by her uncle Narendra and younger cousin sister Sakshi. Despite the absence of her father, Tannu proudly displays her bronze medal, signifying a significant step towards her wrestling aspirations.

Having already amassed four medals, including the recent bronze at the Khelo India Youth Games, Tannu reflects on her achievements, which include gold at the Under-19 School Games in 2023, bronze at the Under-17 Cadet Ranking Series in 2022, and success at the Under-14 School National Games in 2019.

With her eyes set on future competitions, Tannu Gulia vows to secure gold in the next Khelo India Youth Games. Fueled by the opportunity and motivation gained from the current success, she expresses a strong belief in deserving bigger and better accomplishments in her wrestling journey.

Tannu acknowledges her father’s sacrifices and efforts, despite modest earnings, to support her wrestling endeavors. From maintaining a wrestler’s diet to ensuring an adequate supply of milk and ghee, her family’s dedication contributes to Tannu’s physical strength and resilience.

As Tannu Gulia’s bronze at the Khelo India Youth Games becomes a stepping stone for her wrestling aspirations, her story reflects the powerful impact of parental inspiration and unwavering support on a young athlete’s journey to success.


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