From Food Delivery Boy to India’s Fitness Sensation: Ankit Baiyanpuriya’s Inspiring Journey

Check out how Ankit Baiyanpuriya, a former wrestler, transformed from a food delivery boy to a social media fitness influencer through a challenging 75-day journey.

In a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation, Ankit Baiyanpuriya, hailing from the small town of Bayanpur in Sonipat and a former desi wrestler, has captured the imagination of millions through his extraordinary 75-day challenge. Ankit’s path to success is rooted in humble beginnings, as he was raised by parents who toiled as laborers. His incredible rise to social media stardom unfolded only a few short months ago, driven by his impeccable workout techniques and distinctive routines, which go beyond mere physical fitness to encompass mental well-being. Ankit’s unique approach incorporates insights from the revered ‘Bhagavad Gita.’

The turning point in Ankit’s life came in 2022 when a dislocated shoulder put an end to his mud wrestling career. It was during this challenging period that he turned to Instagram to share his personal fitness journey. His quest for knowledge in the realm of fitness led him to discover Andy Frisella’s ’75-day hard challenge.’ What followed was nothing short of a meteoric rise, with Ankit amassing over 2.5 million followers in just 28 days!

The ’75 Days Hard Challenge’ is a rigorous endeavor that involves documenting one’s progress through selfies, adhering to a strict dietary regimen, staying adequately hydrated, engaging in daily readings, and participating in outdoor workouts. Ankit’s distinctive greeting, ‘Ram Ram Saryane,’ resonates deeply with his Instagram audience, forging a powerful connection.


Through his social media presence, Ankit shares daily routines, promotes healthy diets, and showcases strenuous workouts against the backdrop of his quaint village. His content strikes a chord with a global audience and has even garnered admiration from renowned figures such as Badshah and Flying Beast.

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Ankit’s journey from uploading Haryanvi comedy videos on YouTube to becoming a celebrated fitness influencer was catalyzed by the COVID-19 lockdown and a series of significant injuries that brought his wrestling career to an end.

Emerging from a background marked by limited resources, Ankit’s narrative serves as a testament to the sheer force of determination. He has transitioned from undertaking odd jobs, including working as a Zomato delivery boy, to ascending the ranks as India’s preeminent social media fitness influencer.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, Ankit delves into the nuances of his 75-day challenge, reflects on his newfound celebrity status, and offers insights into his future endeavors.

Question: Ankit, your journey throughout the 75-day challenge has been nothing short of remarkable. Can you share some pivotal moments or experiences that stand out to you?
Answer: My entire journey has been amazing. There are no particular moments as such because the routine was the same every single day for 75 days. However, I have truly enjoyed this process because of the kind of results it has given me. It wasn’t easy at all initially to complete the challenge daily but after a few days it got easier and I found myself pushing my boundaries to do better each day. Some days I would feel like giving up but then I kept my determination and tried to do better each day. One of the experiences that I would like to share is when I cramped my thigh during a workout, I was in immense pain and couldn’t do any work. However, I continued with my other daily challenge work and recovered well.

Question: Many are curious, when was the exact moment you decided to embark on this challenge that has now made your account the fastest growing & most inspiring with almost zero negative comments from your followers?
Answer: I used to do mud wrestling in my early days, and I was a professional wrestler competing in the ring. In 2018 I faced a slip disc but I didn’t give up and continued with my journey after considerable recovery. Again in 2020, I faced a serious knee injury but it was in November 2022 when I dislocated my left shoulder and had a rotator cuff tear while wrestling and took myself out of the ring. I started my recovery with a Physiotherapist in Sonipat, and soon after I continued the exercises on my own.
It was during my personal research on fitness that I came across the video of American Entrepreneur Andy Frisella’s 75-day hard challenge, I decided to implement and introduce similar techniques in my workout.
Before this challenge, I used to post Haryanvi comedy videos (Khagad) on YouTube and I had around 5,000 subscribers. I decided to post a short video on Instagram, reel type which is much more engaging and almost familiar to the audience. In the initial days, my videos didn’t get much response but soon I started getting responses from all over India, They loved my workout videos and started practicing themselves too.
I have a great love for my followers and consider all of them as my friends. They all are like me coming from a rural background and wanting to achieve big in life, that’s why they are with me.

Question: Tell us more about your childhood, where you’re from your family & your education?
Answer: I come from a small town in the Sonipat district of Haryana, named Bayanpur. I completed my higher education in my town only and currently doing graduation from Sonipat itself. In my family, Father and Mother are there who work as a daily wage laborer. To make ends meet I have also done multiple jobs like labor work, worked as a Zomato delivery boy, etc. My village follows the tradition of Dangal. That is where I got wrestling from.

Question: Having a background in wrestling, how do you think your wrestling experience has influenced your journey, and do you ever find yourself missing the wrestling ring?
Answer: I have done professional wrestling for a few years. As I mentioned I have also wanted to pursue it further but due to my injury, I wasn’t able to go back again the ring. I am in my recovery period right now, but I do hope to make a comeback and also to play for India in the future and yes, I do miss the ring a lot. It has been an integral part of my life growing up.

Question: Going beyond the physical aspect, can you shed light on how this 75-day hard challenge has impacted you mentally physically & spiritually?
Answer: I think it is the most important part of my life. ‘The Bhagwad Gita’ showed me the way towards spirituality and it helped me a lot in mental calmness. Physical strength is something that can be achieved but mental strength comes from spirituality only, so that’s why it is the most important factor in my challenge.

Question: Your followers look up to you for motivation. From 1 million to 3.7 million in 28 days!! What powerful message or motivation would you like to impart to them, something they can truly imbibe in their own personal journeys?
Answer: Thank you. Even I am shocked at gaining 2.7 million in less than a month. I’m so grateful. The only message I would like to give to my followers is to not only look for Physical Strength, mental strength is much more and it only comes through spirituality. So read ‘Bhagwad Gita’ and try to perform meditation.

Question: As you continue to rise and make headlines, what exciting endeavors or projects can we expect from Ankit Singh in the near future?
Answer: Right now, I only want to complete the challenge, make my comeback in the ring, and play for India in the near future.-IANS

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