Gary Neville says, “Time to set up independent Football regulator.”

The legend believes that such a regulator will thwart any future chances of formation of ESL and will protect the football.

Various driving voices inside football, including Micah Richards, Gary Lineker, and Gary Neville, have dispatched a mission to get a free controller and auditor for the English game.

On Monday, the assortment of previous players, savants, and media figures asked allies to sign an administrative appeal in, dispatched as the result of the tanked European Super League plot.

“As football fans, we were shocked by the endeavor to set up a breakaway League,” the 22 signatories said in an open letter to go with the request.

“It was an immediate danger to the honesty of the game, obliterating the idea of brandishing legitimacy and open rivalry.

“Presently we should ensure this never happens again. Without quick and direct mediation, the arrival of a European Super League will be a consistent danger.

Garry Neville posted a link to a petition on Twitter asking fans to go and sign it.

These actions are a direct result of the developments that took the world of football by storm, last month.

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