Golf’s Elite Set to Shine at the Volvo China Open: Ogletree and McDowell Ready to Impress

The Volvo China Open welcomes top golfers, including Andy Ogletree and Graeme McDowell, as they vie for glory at Hidden Grace Golf Club. Get ready for an exciting tournament!

Former US amateur champion Andy Ogletree and ex-US Open champion Graeme McDowell are ready to make their mark at the prestigious $1.5 million Volvo China Open golf tournament, taking place at the Hidden Grace Golf Club in Shenzhen.

Ogletree, the current leader of the Order of Merit (OOM) in the International Series, is determined to extend his OOM lead with a strong performance this week, as reported by Xinhua.

“I’ve had an excellent year in golf, and I come into this tournament with a lot of confidence,” stated 25-year-old Ogletree. “This is my first time in China, and I’m excited to tackle the front nine. I had a chance to explore the back nine yesterday and was impressed with the golf course and the favorable conditions.”


He also mentioned, “There are some holes where they can change the tees’ positions. For instance, the 18th hole could be a reachable par 4 or a rather long one. Figuring out the right club to use from the tees and getting accustomed to the green speed is important.”

“The greens in Asia are a bit slower than what I’m used to in America, which requires a bit of adjustment for me. However, I’ve always enjoyed this type of grass in Asia and find it easier to read. I’m looking forward to this kind of golf and studying the course, as I’ve always enjoyed it. The same approach will apply here in China.”

McDowell also expressed his satisfaction with the golf course’s condition and his eagerness to face the challenges ahead.

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“I had the chance to explore the golf course yesterday, and it looks spectacular and well-maintained. I remember the last time I played in the Volvo China Open; it was in Beijing,” said the 44-year-old former Ryder Cup player. “I’m delighted to be back—the golf course looks fantastic.”

“I’ve always cherished the opportunity to visit this part of the world. The hotel and the golf course are exceptional. Over the next three events—the Volvo China Open, Hong Kong Open, and Indonesian Masters—I’m here to compete and win tournaments. I’d like to accomplish what I couldn’t in the previous Volvo China Open.”

He emphasized, “This appears to be a challenging course, with somewhat narrow fairways. Missing the fairways can lead to significant trouble. The greens are quite undulating, so selecting the right spots for landing the ball near the targets will be crucial.”

Hong Kong, China’s Kho Taichi also expressed his excitement about teeing off at the course.

“I live just an hour away, but it’s my first time here. Like the other players, I had the chance to get out there yesterday and see the course. It’s an excellent golf course,” said Kho, who clinched victory at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

“I’m feeling confident about my game. It’s been a rewarding year for me, a year of learning and growth. When I won at the Asian Games, it was great to see local support with many Chinese fans. I hope to experience more of that this week and draw energy from it.”


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