Hemanth Kommu: India’s Esports Ace Bound for Global Glory in Riyadh!

Get insights into Hemanth Kommu’s strategies and preparations as he competes to secure a medal for India at the prestigious Global Esports Games 2023.

India’s eFootball sensation, Hemanth Kommu, gears up for the Global Esports Games 2023 after a stellar performance in the Asian Qualifiers. Set to represent India in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Hemanth, known as ‘peshemak7’ in gaming circles, aims to secure a medal in this prestigious tournament.

Scheduled for his opener against Uruguay, Hemanth dives into the tournament amidst tough competition. Placed in Group D alongside top eFootball contenders from Brazil, Iran, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay, the stakes are high for the Indian ace.

The group stage kicks off on December 13, featuring a rigorous Round Robin Best-of-3 format. With 28 players divided into four groups, the top three from each group advance to the Round of 16 playoffs.


An additional twist awaits with a last-chance qualifier for the 4th-placed player in each group from Stage 1. Only one player will secure a spot in the final stage, intensifying the competition in a Single Elimination Best-of-3 format.

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Sharing his strategy, Hemanth stated, “The competition will be intense, but I’m prepared. Adaptability and keeping calm under pressure are key. With opponents’ diverse styles, I’ve crafted multiple tactics. Grateful to ESFI’s support, I aim to make India proud.”

Hemanth’s journey was marked by triumphs in the Asian qualifiers against strong contenders like Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. His entry stemmed from winning the National Esports Championships 2023 organized by ESFI earlier this year.

The Global Esports Games 2023, hosted by SEF and presented by GEF, will gather over 250 athletes from 50+ nations. Set in Riyadh from December 12-16, the event boasts four major titles: DOTA 2, Street Fighter 6, eFootball 2024, and PUBG Mobile, promising a global esports spectacle.

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