How many times has Undertaker been ‘killed’ in storylines?

In this article, we will take a look at the top five instances where the Undertaker was buried and burnt alive in the WWE storylines.

The Undertaker, known as “The Deadman” in the realm of professional wrestling, belongs to a select group of legendary wrestlers who have the power to significantly increase the number of viewers at any wrestling event simply by making brief wrestling stints. For almost 20 years, The Undertaker’s lengthy, enigmatic entrance has left fans in awe. His somewhat spooky gimmick and his participation in some enigmatic WWE on-screen stories led to the development of an intriguing aura about him. One of his greatest tricks throughout his career involves returning from the dead and assaulting the traitor.

Many wrestlers have been given crazy tasks by WWE storywriters to bury “The Deadman.” And every time something similar occurs, the fans become anxious about the potential “rising” of this enormous wrestler. But the audience’s response was incredible when this death-rebirth portion initially appeared on TV. They were amazed by the sight of this original creation by WWE and simultaneously filled with awe, excitement, and confusion.

WWE came up with some of the craziest methods to slaughter the Undertaker. The Deadman’s admirers would automatically start pleading for his return whenever he would “die.”


1. Yokozuna killed Undertaker in a Casket Match in 1994 

Yokozuna killed the Deadman for the first time in 1994. The two titans engaged in a battle royale. Taker was placed inside the coffin by Yokozuna, who then sealed it with the aid of numerous other superstars. On the video screen, Undertaker appeared as Yokozuna, and the heels jubilated. He informed the world that he would return in spirit form. The truth is that he needed the time off to recover from a back problem.

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2. Mankind buried Undertaker alive in 1996

In 1996, the Deadman was the target of another murderous attempt. Taker and the crazy Mankind were at odds with each other at the moment. Because he could pull out all the stops, Mick Foley’s first gimmick was his most terrifying. He would bury the Undertaker alive if it meant winning. In a video package, Taker could be seen preparing a cemetery for humanity. But a man by the name of the Executioner’s meddling enabled Mankind to bury the Deadman. Given that he defeated the man who tried to murder him in Survivor Series, Taker would undoubtedly make a quick return. When Taker launched Mankind off the cell during the historic Hell in a Cell bout, the feud would conclude.

3. Kane burns Undertaker alive in 1997 

The WWE came up with the bizarre plan to set Taker on fire after he was buried alive after being encased in a casket. They already had the best candidate for the job in Kane, The Undertaker’s fictional brother. When he first appeared in 1997, the Devil’s favorite Demon instantly focused on his “brother.” Kane imprisoned his brother inside a coffin during the WWE Championship bout between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Being a casket match, HBK prevailed. Kane then lit the coffin on fire, leaving the Deadman to burn inside. The Deadman had fled by the time the casket was opened. In an exciting encounter at WrestleMania 14, he defeated Kane after making his return in time.

4. Randy Orton struck down the Deadman twice

One of the cunning psychopath characters created by WWE throughout the years is Randy Orton, The Viper. He earned the moniker “The Legend Killer” due to his track record of eliminating prominent WWE figures. To get revenge on The Deadman for defeating him at Wrestlemania, Orton defeated Taker at Summerslam. This allowed The Deadman to maintain his perfect record at that event. The Undertaker was brutally attacked by Orton after the Smackdown witness when “The Viper” drove The Undertaker into the Smackdown set in a car, giving the appearance that Taker had passed away.

5. Kane buried the Deadman in 2010 

Two on-screen siblings fought again in a World Heavyweight Title buried alive battle on Bragging Nights in 2010. In this kind of faceoff, defeating Taker without outside assistance is unlikely. This time, The Nexus intervened to assist Kane in defeating The Undertaker as much as they could. To seal the deal, Kane dumped mud into the grave The Nexus had prepared for The Undertaker.

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