How much money do 3×3 basketball players make in a year?

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the money amount 3X3 basketball players make in a year in detail.

3×3 basketball is the fast-paced, urban-inspired version of hoops and has exploded in popularity recently. Its inclusion in the 2020 Olympics cemented its place as a sport which attracts a new wave of players and fans. But the question of financial viability remains for those taking to the half-court. Unlike their NBA counterparts, 3×3 players face a different landscape regarding earning income.

In this article, the complex world of 3×3 player compensation explores the factors that influence their earnings and the different avenues available to generate income, or else we see the amount of money 3X3 basketball players make in a year.

From the Highest Earners to Regular People Working Hard


The earning potential in 3×3 basketball varies depending on several factors which include:

Skill and Experience: 

The cream of the crop, like the dominant team Novi Sad, can rake in significant sums. In 2019, they became the first 3×3 “millionaires” after amassing over $279,000 through tournament wins on the FIBA 3×3 World Tour.

League/Tournament Participation: 

Different leagues and tournaments offer varying prize money structures. The top tiers like the FIBA 3×3 World Tour distribute substantial sums, while smaller regional or national events offer lower payouts.

Sponsorships and Endorsements: 

Top players can attract lucrative sponsorship deals with brands seeking to tap into the growing 3×3 fanbase. These deals can range from apparel and footwear endorsements to product partnerships.

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Where does the Money Comes From?

How much money do 3x3 basketball players make in a year?
3×3 basketball (Photo Source: Flickr)

While top players can earn significant sums, the reality is that the vast majority of 3×3 participants fall into a different earning category. Here is a breakdown of the primary income sources for 3×3 players:

Prize Money: 

The most visible source of income comes from winning tournaments. Top players compete in major events like the World Tour, where prize money can reach six figures for the winners. However, the vast majority of tournaments offer much lower payouts, often just enough to cover travel and expenses.

Sponsorships and Endorsements: 

As mentioned earlier, top players can leverage their fame and skill to secure lucrative sponsorships. However, these deals are typically reserved for the elite few and are not a reliable income source for most players.

Appearance Fees and Exhibitions: 

Some players participate in exhibition games, skills clinics, or other events for a fee. While not a consistent income stream, these opportunities can provide additional earnings.

Salaries (League-Specific): 

A few professional leagues, like the BIG3, offer fixed salaries to players. However, such leagues are the exception rather than the rule in the 3×3 landscape.

Grants and Support: 

National federations or organizations might offer grants or support programs to assist players with training and travel costs.

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The Passion and Challenges of 3×3

How much money do 3x3 basketball players make in a year?
3×3 basketball (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons)

While financial rewards are certainly a factor, it’s important to remember that many 3×3 players are driven by a deeper passion for the sport. The unique challenges and fast-paced nature of 3×3, coupled with the opportunity to compete on a global stage, are powerful motivators for many players.

However, the financial realities of 3×3 can be challenging. Many players face difficulties balancing their training and playing commitments with the need to earn a living from other sources. This can lead to burnout, injuries, and difficulty reaching their full potential.

Looking Towards a Sustainable Future

The future of 3×3 basketball player compensation is still unfolding. As the sport gains popularity, several initiatives are aimed at creating a more sustainable financial ecosystem for players:

Increased Prize Money: 

Organizations like FIBA are continuously working to raise the total prize money available across different tournaments, which would benefit a wider range of players.

Expansion of Professional Leagues: 

The development of professional leagues with established salary structures can offer more players a stable income source.

Improved Sponsorship Opportunities:

As 3×3’s viewership and fan base grow, more opportunities for lucrative sponsorship deals might become available for a larger pool of players.


While the financial landscape of 3×3 basketball continues to evolve, it’s crucial to recognize the dedication and passion of players at all levels. From the top earners to the grassroots hustlers, they contribute to the growth and excitement of this dynamic sport. As the ecosystem matures, fostering a sustainable environment that rewards both the exceptional talent and the unwavering spirit of 3×3 players will be key to the sport’s continued success.

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