India Clinches Bronze in Challenging Conditions at Asian Games Recurve Women’s Team Event

India’s archery team overcomes challenging weather to secure a bronze medal at the Asian Games Recurve Women’s Team event.

In challenging weather conditions marked by wind and rain, India’s archery team, composed of Ankita Bhakat, Bhajan Kaur, and Siranjeet Kaur, secured a bronze medal in the Recurve Women’s Team competition at the Asian Games.

This marks India’s first medal in the recurve section of archery, while they have previously dominated the compound section with three gold medals. This achievement elevates India’s total medal tally to 87 in the 19th Asian Games.

Despite the adverse conditions that made arrow control difficult, the archers managed to achieve commendable scores, mounting a comeback to claim the bronze medal after their loss to the Republic of Korea in the semifinals.


In the contest for the bronze medal, India won the first set with a score of 56-52, but their opponents came back strongly to win the second set 56-55. In the third set, the Indian team displayed remarkable precision, scoring three 10s and three 9s for a total of 57, while Vietnam scored 50 with two 9s, three 8s, and one 7.

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Both teams struggled in the fourth and final set, with arrows landing inconsistently. India managed two 10s, one 9, two 8s, and one 6, while their opponents could only secure one 10, one 9, three 7s, and one 8. India clinched the match 6-2 on set points.

Earlier, in the semifinals, the Indian team faced a 6-2 defeat against a strong Republic of Korea side. Despite winning a set, India’s chances were hampered by occasional low scores in each set.

In the first set, India scored a seven and eight, while the Koreans shot two 10s and four 9s, winning 56-54.

In the second set, Ankita, Bhajan Kaur, and Simranjeet Kaur scored three 8s, while the Koreans shot three 10s and three 8s, resulting in a 57-54 loss for India, putting them at 0-4 on points.

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The Koreans faced difficulties in the third set, scoring one 8, three 9s, and two 10s, while India scored three 9s and three 10s, securing the set 57-55.

However, India’s hopes of taking the match to a shoot-off were dashed as they managed only 52 points with three 9s and as many 8s, while the Koreans scored three 10s and three 9s.

India had advanced to the semifinals by defeating Japan 6-2 in the morning.

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