IPL 2021: Chetan Sakariya side-by-side his COVID-19 father

Chetan Sakariya is working around the clock to assist his father fight off COVID-19.


IPL 2021 halted its operation following the breach of COVID-19 Bio-Secure bubble that made deadly COVID-19 virus reach the players. Now, as all players arw either moving or has already moved to their place following the suspension of this season. Chetan Sakariya, the big new finding for Rajasthan Royals this year, has reached his home back and he quickly jumped ships off to dedicate time to serve his father, who’s in a hospital, ailing to COVID-19.

After reaching his home Vartej, Bhavnagar District in Gujrat, he rushed to the hospital wearing the PPE kit, where his father, Kanjibhai finds admitted due to COVID-19.

While talking to The Indian Express, Chetan Sakariya said, “I was lucky because I had received my part payment from Rajasthan Royals a few days ago. I straight away transferred money back home, and that is helping my family the most in my toughest time.”

“People are saying stop IPL. I want to tell them something, I am the only bread earner in my family. Cricket is the only source of my earnings. I can give better treatment to my father because of the money I earned from IPL. Had this tournament not happened for a month, it would have been tougher for me. I come from a poor family, my father all his life drove tempo and because of IPL my whole life was about to change,” Chetan Sakariya said.

We at Sportsdigest wish Chetan Sakariya’s father, Kanjibhai, a healthy recovery from COVID-19 as soon as possible.

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