IPL 2021: Graeme Smith says No Proteas players felt at risk during IPL

Graeme Smith applauded BCCI efforts in creating Bio-bubbles and a safe transport for players after IPL suspension.

Amidst rising criticism for the mis-handling of IPL which lead to several players testing positive for coronavirus, South African legend Graeme Smith has applauded the efforts of BCCI.

Cricket South Africa director, Graeme Smith said that none of the players from South Africa felt at risk during their time in India. The 11 players from South Africa have already left for Johannesburg.

Speaking in a press conference, Smith said “In no way would we judge. Having spoken to the players, they felt safe. They felt the BSE (Bio-Secure Environment) was a really good experience in India. They never felt at risk. But that’s the nature of what COVID brings,”

He also said that the efforts made by BCCI were extremely good but mentioned that Bio-bubbles are never foolproof and that there is always a chance of infection.

“Sometimes you can do whatever you want but the BSE – as we’ve said to everyone – is never fool-proof. When COVID is raging in your country there’s always a risk. Unfortunately, once it gets inside it’s very difficult to predict what’s going to happen.” he said.

Speaking about BCCI’s commitment to sending all players home without any issues was also praised by Smith, he said that he was very happy with the efforts of BCCI.

“The duty of care (the BCCI has) shown in getting everyone home has been exemplary.”

South Africa hasn’t closed its borders for anyone entering from India as the country is doing fairly well with the coronavirus situation, which made it easy for the players to get back home without any issues.

Smith also touched upon the issues now being faced by Australian players who cannot immediately return home as the borders are closed for Indian returnees.

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