‘It’s like playing golf against your boss’: Former New Zealand batsman Mark Richardson on facing Indian cricket team

Even if New Zealand had beaten India twice in New Zealand in 2020, The Kiwi feels that they really didn't beat India.

Former New Zealand batsman Mark Richardson made a unique analogy in terms of facing the Indian cricket team. He said on Spark Sport that playing against India is like playing golf against your boss. You’re allowed to win but just in the right way.

India with a 2-1 win in Australia and a 3-1 victory against England at home stamped their authority on Test format making them the top team in the World Test Championship (WTC). New Zealand and India face each other at the WTC Final in England in June.

He told to win against India, a team needs to play in the right way.
“I’d look at it from who you want to perform individually against. I look at India at the moment… and it’s like playing golf against your boss. You’re allowed to win but just in the right way. You know, we stitched them up in New Zealand a couple of times and it always felt a little bit dirty afterward. It didn’t feel like we’d beaten them,” Richardson said.

Mark Richardson represented New Zealand in 38 Test matches scoring 2776 runs, averaging 44.77.

On cricket’s powerhouses and how it is to play against them for New Zealand, Mark said Australia was the toughest of them all.

“England, yes… they invented the game and you’re always playing for your place as a cricket team, I guess. But Australia to me was like the proving ground for a New Zealand cricketer. You went there to prove your mettle and I did it and I’ll take that to the grave. I’d probably still need help over what happened in Australia. I think they still hold it over us. Even the very best have underperformed against Australia,” Richardson revealed.

India will play the World Test Championship Final against New Zealand from June 18 to 22, with 23 being reserved days.

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