Know Everything about your Favorite Esports Game: PUBG

Get complete information on your favourite Esports Game – PUBG and the history and foundation of the game that actually sets it apart.

The PUBG eSports scene has always been unique. Before the game’s official release, PUBG Esports teams were already developing. Several fan-organized competitions were being staged by players eager to demonstrate their prowess in this brand-ne, exhilarating genre.

The foundation for PUBG Esports as it exists now was laid by the fans, and now it’s their turn to contribute their vision for the sport’s future. They support creating the most intensely competitive environment possible to test the pros and excite the audience. A new season format is introduced with this goal in mind.

A little detail about the PUBG Global Series


They are excited to announce the return of the PUBG Global Series, the international competition for PUBG Esports that was put on hold for a few years due to the pandemic. PUBG Continental Series was successful online. PGS will be a brand-new, tier 1, fully offline competition for top regional teams to participate on a global scale beginning in 2023.

The Global Championship of PUBG in 2023

The PUBG Global Champions League will continue to be regarded as the year’s most prestigious competition. Only the top teams that excel in PGS and regional competitions during the entire year will be allowed to contest at PGC. The PUBG Nations Cup PNC 2022 was a huge success and had the biggest UV ever with over 1.6 million players. An event that is beloved by the community, the PUBG Nations Cup, will be back in 2023.

The Story behind the Worldwide Partner Teams

The launch of the Global Partner Team Program is one strategy. It will grant the top esports partners exclusive privileges and titles. Global Partner Teams will be chosen from among the current PUBG Esports teams through a screening process, with membership revaluated annually. Soon after PGC 2022, the first screening procedure will start.

Check out the Benefits of Global Partners

First, new team-branded in-game products will be made accessible in partnership with the selected partner teams. Fans will have an additional opportunity to cheer on their preferred teams while participating in their PUBG matches thanks to these new team-branded goods. Naturally, the revenue from these products will be distributed to the partner teams to boost the assistance they get. As a result, the partners will have a platform to display their talents and engage with their followers on a worldwide scale.

PUBG Esports will use innovative new approaches to develop the esports program. It will benefit both professionals and bring fans closer to the action. Additionally, they want to reduce the distance between ranked mode and esports even further to make it easier for new players to enter the esports scene and to give our fans a better esports experience.

Finally, they’re creating a special PUBG Esports arena in Korea, which they hope to launch in the first half of 2024, in a significant move to bring the fans even closer to the excitement of PUBG Esports.

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