7 Lesser Known Facts About England’s Sensation Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham has once again managed to steal all the limelight as he gave a flying start to England’s Euro 2024 campaign as the Three Lions defeated Serbia by 1-0.

Jude Bellingham has once again managed to steal all the limelight as he gave a flying start to England’s Euro 2024 campaign as the Three Lions defeated Serbia by 1-0. Bellingham was the difference-maker in the end as his 13th goal settled the game on June 16th, Sunday.

Bellingham Won The Player Of The Match Award

While Jude Bellingham was in a class of his own in Gelsenkirchen as the Real Madrid midfielder’s header on 13 minutes brilliant individual display, however, the England team failed collectively to match the standards Germany and Spain showed in their opening games.


All thanks to Bellingham’s performance against Serbia, he was adjudged the Player of the Match. Bellingham, the golden boy for England following his season of glory with Real Madrid, Bellingham is expected to continue with his stellar performance in the ongoing Euro 2024 tournament as well.

The midfielder, who is a Beatles fan himself, expressed his happiness on being cheered using the famous song by the band. Speaking at the press conference, Jude said:

“I listen to the Beatles a lot. My style of music is a bit old, so that that’s right on my street.”

He added: “I really enjoy playing in front of the England fans. It’s a different experience for me because obviously I play abroad. So when I can hear an English crowd for the first time every few months, I really enjoy it.”

“They give me a lot of appreciation, a lot of love. And I try to give that back with my performances and my energy on the pitch.”

Further, Jude Bellingham said that he was confident coming into the game and was eager to work with his England teammates. He said:

“I felt really confident coming into the game. I couldn’t wait to play such an amazing tournament alongside such amazing group of players. So I think you could see that I was enjoying my football and wanted to make an impact.”

He added: “We wanted to get the ball away from them because I think we wanted to build an energy for the fans to get behind the team. And when you’re aggressive, it helps in that, trying to be aggressive without the ball as well.”

“Yeah, I took a few kicks, but I think it’s something I’ve kind of gotten used to over the last couple of years. And it’s about trying to react to the right way and not lose my head. I think I handled that well tonight.”

While the sensational player has taken the internet by storm with his talent and maturity at a young age, there’s more to this wonderful player than meets the eye.

7 Lesser Known Facts About England's Sensation Jude Bellingham

Here, in this article, we list some lesser-known facts about Jude Bellingham. Have a look:

FootballA Family Affair:

The love for the game of football runs deep in the blood of the Bellingham family. Jude’s older brother, Jobe is also a professional footballer. Jobe once confessed that he doesn’t like being known solely as the ‘elder brother of Jude’.  As a result, he went on to play football professionally and got his name on a jersey.

Birmingham’s Youth Icon:

Not only is Jude Bellingham a sensation, but the city of Birmingham has already made him an icon. Jude Bellingham became the club’s youngest-ever team member, league starter, and scorer before he turned 17.

Impressed with his contribution and incredible performances for the club, Birmingham decided to honor him by retiring his jersey.

Here to create history:

Bellingham is here to create and break the records. Following his brilliant run with the Birmighan’s clubs, Jude became the youngest player from England to score. He also became the youngest player from England to score in the Champions League for Borussia Dortmund at the young age of 17.

7 Lesser Known Facts About England's Sensation Jude Bellingham

Future Captain of England:

Bellingham’s leadership qualities are just another factor that has made him a fan favorite. Despite his young age, Jude has gained valuable experience by captaining the youth teams of Birmingham.

Love For Piano:

Jude Bellingham is a multi-talented person. Besides his football skills, Bellingham is known for his other amazing talent – playing the piano. This artistic side of him shows a personality that extends beyond just his footballing prowess.

7 Lesser Known Facts About England's Sensation Jude Bellingham

Healthy Lifestyle:

Jude Bellingham is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy eating habits. This focus on healthy eating and nutrition control has contributed to his fitness and his incredible performances on the pitch.

Philanthropic Work:

Apart from his brilliant performance on the field, Jude Bellingham is known for being actively involved in humanitarian work. He believes in giving back to the society. He supports organizations that help underprivileged children.

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