EURO 2024: Lionel Messi Responds To Kylian Mbappe’s Absurd Euro-Copa America Comparison

Lionel Messi has schooled Kylian Mbappe for his recent remarks on the European Championship after the new Real Madrid star made an absurd comparison.

Lionel Messi has schooled Kylian Mbappe for his recent remarks on the European Championship. The new Real Madrid star made an absurd comparison between the European Championship and Copa America Championship.

Lionel Messi Schooled Kylian Mbappe

Messi and Mbappe, who were teammates in Paris Saint-Germain, have had different perceptions about the continental championships with Mbappe being very vocal in his support for the European Championship. He has always criticized South American football.


Ahead of the much-awaited EURO 2024, Mbappe stirred controversy by comparing the competitive nature of the European Championship to Copa America. He said:

“I consider the Euros more complicated than the World Cup, more complicated to win. If we talk about level, the Euros is more difficult because we are so used to play against each other. Tactically, it is similar football.”

Lionel Messi Responds To Kylian Mbappe's Absurd Euro-Copa America Comparison

In an interview with ESPN, Lionel Messi clapped back at Mbappe, reminding him that players who have won the World Cup multiple times were from South America and were not playing Euro. He said:

“Well, everybody prioritises their tournament,” Messi said. “Obviously, the Euro is very important and has the best teams, but he’s leaving out three-time champion Argentina, five-time champion Brazil, two-time champion Uruguay. There are a lot of world champions left off to say that it’s the most difficult tournament.”

“The best teams play in the World Cup, which generally includes all the world champions. There’s a reason everybody wants to be champion,” he added.

It has to be noted, that this wasn’t the first time Mbappe has taken a dig at South American football for being inferior.

When Messi’s Argentina humbled Mbappe in the Fifa World Cup final in 2022

Earlier, in the lead-up to the Fifa World Cup in Qatar, Mbappe made similar remarks, however, his team was humbled down by Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the finals.

“Argentina haven’t played games of great quality to reach the World Cup. In South America football isn’t as advanced as Europe. That’s why if you look at the last World Cups it’s always the Europeans that win,” Mbappe had said at the time.

Mbappe’s statements didn’t go down well with many, including players like Lautaro Martinez and former Brazil coach Tite.

Lautaro Martinez, who was an unused substitute during the Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar, has countered Mbappe’s statement. He said:

“I leave his opinion up to him; I have a different view of things, I don’t underestimate nor assume anything, all competitions are very hard to win.”

Emiliano Martinez, the Argentine goalkeeper, and hero of the World Cup final, also criticized Mbappe for his remarks. He said Mbappe didn’t know much about South American football to comment on it. He said:

“He doesn’t know enough about football. He never played in South America. When you don’t have this experience, it may be better not to talk about it. But it doesn’t matter. We are a great team, recognised as such,”

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