List of WWE Smackdown Women’s Champions

Get the complete list of the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champions and the rankings that they have achieved over time for their performance.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), an American professional wrestling promotion on the SmackDown brand, hosts a women’s professional wrestling championship called the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Besides the Raw Women’s Championship, which is held on the Raw brand, this is the other women’s championship held by WWE’s main roster.

From WWE until 2016, SmackDown and Raw had women who were the champions. It was first shown on the SmackDown Live episode on August 23, 2016. Becky Lynch was the first SmackDown Women’s Champion, so the title changed after she won.

Becky Lynch won the first-ever WWE Women’s Championship on September 11, 2016, at Backlash in Richmond, Virginia, by defeating Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Naomi, Natalya, and Nikki Bella. See below for a full rundown of all the women who have won the SmackDown title.


Champion Date Reign
Becky Lynch September 11, 2016 1
Alexa Bliss December 4, 2016 1
Naomi February 12, 2017 1
Alexa Bliss February 21, 2017 2
Natalya August 20, 2017 1
Charlotte Flair November 14, 2017 1
Carmella April 10, 2018 1
Charlotte Flair August 19, 2018 2
Becky Lynch September 16, 2018 2
Asuka December 16, 2018 1
Charlotte Flair March 26, 2019 3
Becky Lynch April 8, 2019 3
Charlotte Flair May 19, 2019 4
Bayley May 19, 2019 1
Charlotte Flair October 6, 2019 5
Bayley October 11, 2019 2
Sasha Banks October 25, 2020 1
Bianca Belair April 10, 2021 1
Becky Lynch August 21, 2021 4
Charlotte Flair October 22, 2021 6
Ronda Rousey May 8, 2022 1
Liv Morgan July 2, 2022 1
Ronda Rousey October 8, 2022 2


As of today (November 14, 2022), there have been 24 reigns, with 12 champions and 1 vacant title. The first-ever winner was Becky Lynch. At six, Charlotte Flair holds the record for most reigns. The 380 days of Bayley’s second reign are the longest in history, while Flair’s brief fourth reign takes the cake at just 4 minutes and 55 seconds. A total of 520 days is the longest reign ever, and Bayley owns that record, too. When Asuka won the championship at age 37, she became the oldest champion in WWE history; when Alexa Bliss won at age 25, she became the youngest.

Currently, in her second reign, Ronda Rousey holds the champion title. Extreme Rules was held on October 8, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and she won the championship by defeating Liv Morgan in the finals.

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