Look at the Top Performances in the Ranji Trophy Finals

The blog showcases the best moments from the Ranji Trophy finals, including Sunil Gavaskar’s twin hundreds and Vijay Hazare’s triple century. 

The Ranji Trophy, India’s premier domestic first-class cricket competition, has witnessed countless moments of brilliance since its inception in 1934. In the high-pressure environment of the finals, some players have risen to the occasion with truly unforgettable performances. From match-winning centuries to exceptional bowling spells, these feats have cemented their names in cricketing folklore and inspired generations of aspiring players. This blog delves into some of the most iconic performances in the Ranji Trophy finals, showcasing the talent, tenacity, and sheer brilliance displayed by these cricketers.

The Triple Century of Vijay Hazare (1946–1947) 

Vijay Hazare delivered an innings of epic proportions in the 1946–47 Ranji Trophy final between Holkar and Bombay, leaving a lasting impression on Indian cricket. Hazare scored 316 runs while batting for Bombay, an incredible triple century in an era when big scores like that were uncommon. In addition to giving Bombay a commanding lead, his innings demonstrated his extraordinary batting ability and incredible poise under duress. As one of the most memorable innings in Ranji Trophy history, Hazare’s triple century has earned him the right to be regarded as one of the most incredible batters in Indian history.


Lala Amarnath’s Round-the-Clock Heroics (1947–48) 

Following Vijay Hazare’s monumental feat, another all-rounder etched his name in Ranji Trophy folklore. In the 1947–48 final, Lala Amarnath led the North Zone to victory over Western India with a truly well-rounded performance. Amarnath first laid the foundation with a crucial century in the first innings. He then turned the tide with his bowling, taking a magnificent five-wicket haul in the second inning (mention runs conceded if available). This display of grit and versatility cemented Amarnath’s reputation as a true all-rounder and continues to inspire players in the Ranji Trophy.

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The Twin Centuries of Sunil Gavaskar (1976–1977) 

One of the most respected batters in Indian cricket, Sunil Gavaskar, made Ranji Trophy history in the 1976–77 final against Karnataka with a fantastic batting display. Gavaskar, who was playing for Bombay, had an incredible game, hitting hundreds in each of the game’s two innings. In addition to laying the groundwork for Bombay’s triumph, his twin centuries, he demonstrated his unmatched capacity to crush opposing attacks with flawless technique and steadfast focus. In the Ranji Trophy finals, Gavaskar’s masterclass continues to set the standard for batting prowess, evidence of his legendary standing in Indian cricket.

Chandu Borde’s Victorious Performance in the 1967–1968 Match 

Maharashtra’s victory over Mumbai in the 1967–68 Ranji Trophy final was primarily attributed to Chandu Borde’s outstanding all-around performance. When batting first, Borde showed off his class with a tenacious century that helped Maharashtra reach a respectable total. But his magnificent bowling performance in the second inning ensured his team’s victory. In a captivating display of spin bowling, Borde took key wickets to disrupt Mumbai’s batting order and give Maharashtra the win. His game-winning effort demonstrated his adaptability and was crucial to Maharashtra’s victory in the Ranji Trophy.

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The Double Centuries of Wasim Jaffer (2008–09)

Wasim Jaffer‘s outstanding performance in the 2008–09 Ranji Trophy final demonstrated his unmatched batting ability. Jaffer’s two double-hundreds during Mumbai’s match against Uttar Pradesh showed he could control the opposition with style and accuracy. In addition to scoring a significant number of runs throughout his lengthy innings, he destroyed any chance of a comeback by demoralizing Uttar Pradesh’s bowling attack. Jaffer’s outstanding effort solidified his status as one of the top run-scorers in the Ranji Trophy and contributed significantly to Mumbai’s victory. Cricket fans still remember his outstanding batting display, attesting to his class and long-lasting influence on Indian domestic cricket.


The Ranji Trophy finals are a treasure trove of cricketing brilliance, a testament to the talent and determination that thrive in the domestic arena. From the awe-inspiring triple century of Vijay Hazare to the clinical double tons of Wasim Jaffer, these legendary performances continue to enthral fans and inspire aspiring players. Each final leaves an indelible mark on the tournament’s rich history, serving as a reminder of the unwavering spirit and exceptional skills that make the Ranji Trophy such a cherished competition.

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