Manchester United coach Solskjaer asks fans to be ‘civilized’ while protesting

In an interview concluded a few hours ago United coach asked fans to behave in a civilized way and protest peacefully.

Manchester United head coach Ole Solskjaer asked the fans of the club to be peaceful and civilized while protesting after riots outside Old-Trafford stadium last week.

In an interview conducted in follow up to Manchester United’s next match against Roma in Europa League, he said, ” It was unfortunate to turn of events that our game had to be called off, I would suggest all United fans be a bit civilized in their protest and show some love to the game and club.”

This statement comes after supporters rioted into the arena and attacked the pitch while another gathering made their dissatisfactions clear.

A police representative said six officials were harmed as flares were let off and bottles tossed during the fights.
One police official also faced injury in the eye and another a facial injury requiring surgery.

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