Michael Holding in support of Robinson’s suspension but believes in giving second chance

Michael Holding is vocal about his views on racism in past and believes Robinson should be given a second chance if he is now a changed man.

Former West Indies bowling legend Michael Holding, in an interview to Sky Sports News, said that Ollie Robinson should be given a second chance if he is a changed man now. Robinson was suspended from international cricket by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) over his racist and sexist tweets which he made eight years ago.

Here is what Holding said about Robinson’s suspension and around it.

“(It was) eight, nine years ago. Can the ECB then find out please, if, beyond that time, Robinson has kept on behaving like that, saying things like that, tweeting things like that?”

“If he has done something like that nine years ago, and since then he has learned and he has done nothing like that and he has changed his ways in recent years, then I don’t think you should come down too hard on him,” said Holding.

“Yes, suspend him because you want to investigate. You don’t allow him to continue playing, like on Thursday, while an investigation is going on at the same time, because if you find out things that are horrible coming out in that investigation. “But do it quickly, let’s get it over with quickly.”

The West Indian played 60 Test matches and 102 ODI’s.

“I don’t know who that player is, so I don’t know how many years ago he was 15. Has he done anything since then? Can they find records of him in the last two to three years doing offensive things, saying offensive things, or tweeting offensive things?

“…we all make mistakes as young people, but if we can recognize those mistakes and correct them, and change our lives to recognize that was rubbish, and then do the right thing going forward,” he said.

“I am someone who likes to give someone second chances or even third chances.”

Former England batsman Michael Carberry differed with Oliver Dowden (the UK government’s secretary for culture, sports, digital, and media) while former batsman Mark Ramprakash also did not appreciate England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s support to his minister on the issue.

“I agree with Michael Carberry and what Ramps are saying. You keep on hearing that politics and sport shouldn’t mix, but then you keep on hearing the politicians getting involved.

“When I hear Boris Johnson getting involved…I would hope that Boris Johnson would make that one comment and move on, and allow the cricket people to deal with cricketing matters. Yes, they may say sportsmen get involved in politics.

Holding stated that cricket should be left to cricket people.

“But sportsmen get involved in politics because of humanitarian things, not to do with the principle or policy of the politicians or the government. I would hope they would allow the cricket people to carry on and do their stuff.” Holding concluded.


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