Mikel Arteta admits downfall and takes “full responsibility” for his part after Europa League semi-final loss

Mikel Arteta lost to an ex-manager of Arsenal Unai Emery, and now Arsenal on the cusp of fronting the first season without a European football in 25 years as pressure continues to grow on Arteta.

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta accepts his downfall, and his responsibility towards the club, after missing out to reach the finals of the UEFA Europa League.

Gunners were held to a goalless draw by Villarreal in the return leg, and in the previous first leg they were down with a score of 1-2, and aggregate resulted in Villareal favor and they went on to final to face Manchester United. A game the Arsenal boss supposes could have meant a turning point for the club.

Now given the situation five years Arsenal without Champions League, are under pressure once again and worse situation given the position in the Premier League points table. They have become a mid-table club that no longer plays in the Champions League and it is continuously making pressure on the club, considering the history of the Gunners.

Arteta lost to an ex-manager of Arsenal Unai Emery and now Arsenal on the cusp of fronting the first season without a European football in 25 years as pressure continues to grow on Arteta. And Arteta, later on, post-match conference after the goalless draw in the return leg with Villarreal.

“What I felt last night was a deep pain. The moment the club is in at the moment, with everything it has been through over the last months, I had a feeling that if we could take the team to the final, it could be a great turning point.

“I felt that responsibility and I was so eager to achieve that because I knew it could be a defining moment. Not being able to achieve it, has been really tough personally obviously. I know that we have disappointed a lot of people as well, and that really hurts because we want to give the best to everybody but one thing I made clear is that to do what we want to do, I have no doubts that we are going to achieve it. If not, I wouldn’t be sat here.”

“I understand those concerns because when you are out of the Champions League for five years it is not just a casualty, it’s a trend,” he said when asked if he understood why fans may fear Arsenal are becoming a mid-table club.

“There are facts to support that trend and as well defined years how it was achieved the Champions League as well.

“So, there are things to change, that’s for sure because no one is going to accept that at this football club. I am not going to accept that and the fans are not going to accept that. So we all have to push together to achieve something very different.

“I take full responsibility for my part, for sure, since I arrived here what I have tried to do, giving my life, my best ability, investing every drop of energy that I have emotionally to support everything that has been going around with my knowledge, with staff, with all the players that are trying to contribute with all the club to give our best. But so far it has not been enough and when the question mark comes, why it is not enough? Is it just a thing? Is it the manager? Is it any other stuff? What is it? And then this is football.”

“Again, I repeat myself, last night that ball goes in, we win 1-0. You are in the final and it is a different world. But today that world doesn’t look very nice.”

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