Naveed Nawaz stays optimistic despite Sri Lanka’s heavy defeat to India

Naveed Nawaz, Sri Lanka’s assistant coach, remains positive despite the team’s substantial loss to India in the ongoing World Cup. Discover his insights on the team’s rebuilding phase, aspirations for future matches, and the emphasis on learning from setbacks.

Sri Lanka faced a significant 302-run defeat against India, reflecting a trend of one-sided outcomes in recent India-Sri Lanka ODI matchups. Despite the lopsided loss, Sri Lanka’s assistant coach, Naveed Nawaz, remains optimistic, viewing the team’s performance as part of a transitional phase rather than a sign of a decline in Sri Lankan cricket.

Nawaz emphasized the presence of a young squad with several players having limited experience, mentioning, “It’s a rebuilding stage where a couple of new players are still learning the trade. We have some promising talents in this group and back home. Learning from mistakes is crucial for their growth and future success.”

With semi-final hopes dwindling, Nawaz highlighted Sri Lanka’s new target – qualifying for the 2025 Champions Trophy by finishing above the eighth spot in the World Cup. He stressed the importance of keeping the team motivated, citing their similar challenge during the World Cup qualifiers in June, where they needed to win consistently to secure a place in the tournament.


Reflecting on India’s bowling performance, Nawaz credited their fast-bowling trio of Bumrah, Shami, and Siraj for their outstanding display, mentioning the Sri Lankan team’s struggle in handling the swinging deliveries. He expressed disappointment in the team’s response to the challenges posed by the opposition bowlers, particularly when facing the swinging ball, stressing the need for the players to handle mental pressure and improve their responses during challenging situations.

Nawaz’s perspective conveys a hopeful outlook, emphasizing the learning curve for the young Sri Lankan squad, despite the setbacks encountered in the World Cup match against India.


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