Next Opponent for Roman Reigns if Daniel Bryan fails to win against him

WWE has several plans for The Tribal Chief.

Daniel Bryan will get another chance to win the Roman Reigns Universal Championship this week on SmackDown where If Daniel Bryan loses, he will have to leave the Smackdown brand as per Roman Reigns’ condition.

WWE has planned to finally give Cesaro a push of his life, he’s all set to be the next contender to fight against The Tribal Chief for the Universal Championship. Earlier, this week Daniel Bryan suggested Cesaro for having the match against Roman but instead, the universal champion gave him another chance to fight and take away the title.

As per The Wrestling Observer the match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns on SmackDown will lead to the next feud for Roman as we can see Cesaro interfering in between the match. If that’s the case then the WWE might try showing Roman Reigns as a face in his feud with Cesaro, but that seems very unlikely to happen.

However there are high chances of Roman retaining the title against Cesaro, but we can never expect anything from the company as they can change the plans in no time.

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