Nick Wright over Vardy’s Creativity difficulties and goal drought

Leicester’s run so far in Premier League has been an extraordinary case for them always where they give coherent fight but in long run, they struggle to make the most desirable outcome out of their consequential wins over the years in recent times. And Vardy is an incredible player who lacks the support sometimes and then the team struggle too.

Various circumstances contribute to it. It probably has something to do with the hernia surgery he had in January. Brendan Rodgers has mentioned that as a factor. There’s been a formation shift, too, with Kelechi Iheanacho coming in to partner him up front and Leicester moving to three at the back.
The partnership between Vardy and Iheanacho helped and we have seen that with his goals and they do have a good understanding. “Vardy’s runs have not brought goals for Leicester which is a concern.”However, James Maddison’s return to the side from injury should probably help.

Nick Wright has said in an interview –

“Vardy’s conversion rate is down from 31 percent in the first half of the season to just three percent in the second half of the season. If you look at that you think his finishing is the problem but if you dig a little deeper into the numbers you see his Expected Goals are way down on what they were, in addition to his actual goals.

“He was getting 0.94 Expected goals per 90 minutes in the first half the season, that’s now down at 0.37 per 90 minutes, so while he’s still getting shots off and getting chances, the chances are not as good as they were.

“That’s hopefully where Maddison will help because his creativity is so important and he has such a good pre-existing relationship with Vardy and we have seen that many, many times before.”

“It’s going to be part of the narrative but Leicester will look at it and think it’s part of the external narrative and not necessarily something they need to be worried about. They had that slump last season but continued doing the things that worked well for them this season.

“They are in an amazing position, like West Ham. To be third at this stage of the season is a fantastic position to be in and they have got to accept that’s where they belong. They have earned the right to be there and there’s no reason for them to be too worried. They are in that position because they play very well.

“They have got those difficult final three games against United, Chelsea, and Tottenham, but before that there is a kind run where, if they can win those games, as they should, or at least take a good amount of points from them they can be in a strong enough position to be difficult to catch.

“It is a daunting run of games at the end but I think they have got a good chance.”


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