OCA Addresses Denial of Entry for Indian Wushu Players from Arunachal Pradesh to China for Asian Games

The Organising Committee of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) intervene in the case of three Indian wushu players from Arunachal Pradesh denied entry to China despite qualifying for the Asiad.

The Organising Committee of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) have stepped in to address the issue of three Indian wushu players from Arunachal Pradesh being denied entry into China, even though they have qualified for the Asian Games.

The three female wushu players, namely Nyeman Wangsu, Onilu Tega, and Mepung Lamgu, were scheduled to travel to China from the IGI Airport in Delhi on Wednesday night. However, as of Friday, just a day before the Opening Ceremony and two days before the Wushu competitions begin, they have not been able to reach China.

There are conflicting reports regarding their situation, with some officials stating that two of the players received e-accreditation (which serves as a visa for the Asian Games) but encountered issues with downloading and validating it, while the third player did not receive accreditation at all. What is clear is that they did not obtain physical visas. If they were indeed denied accreditation, it would constitute a violation of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) rules and the Olympic charter.

Bhupinder Singh Bajwa, the chef-de-mission of the Indian Contingent in Hangzhou, mentioned that they have raised the matter with the Asian Games organizing committee and are working to find a resolution.

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During a press conference on Friday, OCA Acting-Director Vinod Kumar Tiwari stated that they have brought the matter to the attention of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, which will, in turn, address the issue with the Chinese government.

Acting President of OCA, Randhir Singh from India, confirmed that the matter was discussed during the meeting of the OCA Working Group in Hangzhou, and they are actively pursuing a solution with the Asian Games organizing committee.

On behalf of the Chinese authorities, Jizhong Wei, a member of the Coordination Commission and Honorary Life Vice-President of the Olympic Council of Asia, claimed that the three wushu players were not denied visas but were issued different types of visas, which they refused to accept.

However, for the Asian Games, the prevalidated accreditation card serves as a visa, adding to the confusion. Indian Olympic Association officials noted that the chef-de-mission is handling the matter, and they also do not have a complete understanding of the situation.

As this issue threatens to escalate into a diplomatic dispute between India and China, the three young players remain in New Delhi while other members of the Wushu contingent prepare to participate in the Asian Games.



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