Oliver Kahn Inspires Mumbai’s Football Enthusiasts Through Pro10 Initiative

Oliver Kahn’s inspiring visit to Mumbai’s GD Somani Memorial School through the Pro10 initiative encourages young football enthusiasts with his “Never give up” philosophy.

In a momentous occasion for Indian football aficionados, the legendary German goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn, graced Mumbai’s GD Somani Memorial School as part of the Pro10 initiative.

Renowned for his unwavering spirit and illustrious career, Oliver Kahn imparted words of wisdom to the students, echoing his life mantra, “Never give up.”

Addressing the budding talents at GD Somani Memorial School, Kahn stressed the significance of persistence, resilience, and commitment in accomplishing one’s aspirations, both on and off the field.


“Football isn’t just a game; it’s a way of life. The hurdles I encountered in my career taught me the essence of determination. ‘Never give up’ has been my guiding principle, and I urge each of you to embrace it. Success favors those who persistently chase excellence,” emphasized Kahn, captivating the aspiring football enthusiasts.

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Sharing his optimism about Indian football’s future, Kahn expressed, “India holds immense football potential. The enthusiasm I’ve witnessed here is remarkable. It’s time for India to blend its rich cultural heritage with the beautiful game and pave its unique path in football. I genuinely believe India will soon emerge as a formidable global force, competing in the World Cup.”

The Pro10 initiative is geared towards nurturing a passion for football among the youth and fostering grassroots-level development of the sport. Its objective is to create avenues for young talents to flourish, ensuring a promising future for Indian football.

Kahn is set to establish a goalkeeping academy in India soon as part of the Pro10 initiative, furthering his commitment to nurturing football talent in the country.

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