Overwatch 2 Launches New Features; Read to Find Out How to Solve Phone Number Issues

Overwatch 2, the widely recognized video game series has managed to gather hundreds of players. Here’s a detailed view of fixing the ‘phone number already in use’ glitches

Overwatch 2, the video game series recently launched the new feature in order to cope up with issues, hampering the players. As the game’s servers being live over a couple of days now, along with the option of ‘free-to-play’ hero shooter FPS experiencing a sudden rise, amongst the players. As a result of rise in the number of players, the various glitches, server issues, and verification problems, and the DDoS attack seem to have hampered the experience of all the audiences. 

However, the players are recently being impacted by the ‘Phone Number Already in Use’ glitch. As per reports, the error is said to be linked with Blizzard Entertainment’s newly introduced, Defense Matrix initiative. The goals of such an initiative were revealed earlier by Blizzard Entertainment. In order to fix this, the players are required to link their phone numbers to their Battle.net accounts by Blizzard. 

Well, there are numerous assumptions concerning the matter. The most possible assumption is that an account might have already been added to another account, or the number is not valid or meets the requirements. And the other assumption behind this, as understood by numerous players is, if anyone uses a pre-paid or VOIP SIM card for their mobile phones, Blizzard Entertainment’s new SMS Protect service is unable to detect those numbers, as a result players are facing this error.

There have been various methods to solve the issue. The techniques or methods have been discussed further:

  • An individual needs to open the Battle.Net launcher or the site from your web browser and make sure that a mobile number is already added.
  • If a mobile number is added to it, starting from October 7, one will have nothing to worry about. Since Blizzard is updating their SMS Protect system, only new players will be required to add their phone numbers to their Blizzard accounts. If the person is an existing player, he/she should not be dealing with this error from October 7 onwards.
  • If an individual is still facing the same issue, he/she can try changing their mobile recharge plan to post-paid from pre-paid, and they might not be receiving the error anymore.
  • However, if none of the above methods fixes the issue, then it’s advisory to contact Blizzard’s customer service to check why Blizzard is not receiving the phone number.

Moreover, with rise in quality content s and improvements, the multiplayer FPS is available free-to-play, while offering a large section of audience to indulge in the world of the video game series. Furthermore, the open beta server of game was witnessed to be live on October 4, 2022.

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