Premier League: Social Media Boycott Set to Go Ahead A blackout by 14:00 GMT on Monday

Premier League Social Media Boycott Set to Go Ahead As Planned

The English top-flight Clubs are in support of the players who suffer unjustly racist abuse and it has to stop and as a consequence EPL clubs have been asked to give their consent on the issue till Monday.

It comes amid an increment in episodes of players getting racist abuse. Premier League clubs have been asked to confirm their bolster for the blackout by 14:00 GMT on Monday. Championship sides Birmingham City and Swansea and Scottish champions Rangers recently held week-long boycotts.

Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out has said it would back a Premier League-wide boycott and a few Premier League directors have backed the idea. Facebook, which owns Instagram, reacted to later calls for a boycott by saying that it was committed to handling mishandle on its stages.


This week, Aston Villa and England defender Tyrone Mings revealed the gotten supremacist manhandle he had received on social media. Tottenham said they would hold an audit after South Korean forward Son Heung-min was racially abused on social media taking after final Sunday’s 3-1 Premier League domestic defeat by Manchester United. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has given control of his Twitter account to Cybersmile – which gives support for victims of cyberbullying and online hate campaigns – to raise mindfulness of the impact of abuse. That came after Liverpool players Trent Alexander-Arnold, Naby Keita, and Sadio Mane were sent bigot comments and emojis on Instagram after their Champions League quarter-final first-leg overcome by Real Madrid.

At the end of March, former Arsenal and France striker Thierry Henry said he was removing himself from social media because of racism and bullying over platforms. Manchester United has set up an online reporting system to empower fans to flag up online abuse – after widespread abuse of players from both their men’s and women’s teams. Two a long time prior, several footballers took a portion within the #Enough campaign – a 24-hour social media boycott in the challenge at a similar spate of abuse. The UK Government has threatened social media companies with “huge fines” if they fail to handle manhandle on their platforms. Fadzai Madzingira, Facebook’s UK head of content policy,  Don in February it was introducing harder measures, which included disabling accounts of those found to have repeatedly sent abusive private messages on Instagram. However, it says asking clients to provide verification records would demonstrate challenges in communities where such documents would not be readily available.

A few of football’s governing bodies laid out the changes they would like to see in a letter to Facebook and Twitter in February.

However, it is hoped that a wider ban from Premier League clubs will help raise more awareness of the issue, as well as calling on companies to take more action regarding such issues.

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