Qualifier teams for Cricket at The 2022 Commonwealth Games announced

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the whole world, however, its huge fan base is mainly concentrated in the countries of the Asian subcontinent, like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Bangladesh, as well other countries of the erstwhile British Empire like Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean countries. It is also one of the most popular sports to bet on, and many international and league matches see millions of dollars being bet on them on online betting sites.

Despite all this popularity, cricket has been seen regularly missing out in multi-sport events like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, in both of which it has featured just once. In Olympics, it was more than a century ago, in the 1900 Olympics held in France, while more recently, in 1998, it was included at the Commonwealth Games held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which featured a men’s ODI event. Ever since then, there have been no major medal events for cricket.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games


And after many attempts, cricket is now about to make another debuted at the upcoming Commonwealth Games, to be held in 2022 in Birmingham, as a women’s T20 event.

There were a lot of speculations about which teams would be qualifying for the events, and the ICC and CGF have just announced the team list. The teams which will be competing are

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • England
  • A team from the Caribbean, rather than a collective West Indies team
  • A final participant to be decided by a qualifier that will be played on 31st January 2022

All the teams, except the last one, sealed their place at the event based on their rankings on the ICC Women’s T20I table on 1st April 2021.

This event will be a remarkable entry on two counts, as it will be the first time that a women’s cricketing event will be featured in a medal event at a major multi-sport tournament, and also the first time that it will be T20 matches, the shortest format of the game. All the games are expected to be held at the historic Edgbaston stadium.

The inclusion of women’s cricket is expected to give a boost to the popularity of women’s cricket, which has seen a steady rise in recent years. The 2020 edition of the Women’s T20 World Cup, played in Australia, saw a huge interest from the cricketing fans, and the finals between India and the hosts Australia, held at the iconic MCG, drew huge crowds and was almost filled to capacity.

The inclusion of a Women’s T20 event is also seen to be a step forward in the direction of `gender equality´ on the part of the Commonwealth Games Federation, which is looking to be more inclusive in a game that has been historically dominated by the males. Of course, great strides have been made towards projecting women’s cricket as a more mainstream event, but it is still far off from what their male counterparts enjoy.

The inclusion of the sport in such a big event will also help it gain a more diverse fan base. Of course, in terms of sheer fan numbers, the game of cricket is hugely popular but it’s popularity is highly concentrated in certain parts of the world. Successful inclusion in the Commonwealth games will help the game reach a wider audience.

Finally, this will also act as a precursor for the inclusion of cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. The BCCI, the biggest cricket body in the world, has recently made it clear that it is open to sending both, a men’s, as well as a women’s team to the event, should it be included.

In any case, the qualifying teams are elated, and the fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing the top women’s teams battle it out for the gold!

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