Randy Orton reveals why he’s not going to join Hollywood Industry

The Viper is the only consistent athlete in the WWE Company.

The Viper Randy Orton has been a consistent WWE performer for nearly the last 2 decades, where many superstars joined Hollywood after getting popular in the company, Randy still is in no mood to leave the company anytime soon.

He has no plans of retirement as he’s one of the fastest and most athletic wrestlers even at 41 years of age, the reason why he has stated why he’s not planning to join the Hollywood Industry in the WWE Legend Kurt Angle’s Podcast(Kurt Angle Show), and also took John Cena & The Animal Batista’s name for giving an example.

He said  “You know, a lot of guys, umm, I see them branching out and do other things or making sure they have something lined up for when they can’t wrestle anymore. I kind of, and I don’t know if this is showing my cards or not, but I kind of see myself being in WWE, you know, for life. I don’t know why I would go anywhere else. Who knows what the future holds, But although I love movies, and I love sending in auditions, almost monthly. Hell, I got a script right now I’m looking at. But, I don’t think acting is my passion. I’m not trying to move to Hollywood or move to New York and be a full-time actor. The way Batista did it, the way Cena did it, is that they used WWE as kind of a jumping board to go to Hollywood and all that stuff,”

Well the 14 time World Champion is on enroute to being the biggest superstar if he continues to perform like this, he’s happy with the role given to him by the Company and also feels good to be in the locker room, seems like the atmosphere suits him.

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