Ricky Ponting reveals Australia’s struggle against England’s Bazball style in Ashes series

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting shares insights into Australia’s difficulties countering England’s innovative Bazball style during the Ashes series. Ponting discusses the team’s response to the aggressive play and praises England’s opener Zak Crawley. He also commends Pat Cummins’ leadership and anticipates potential changes in Australia’s Test bowling lineup in the coming months.

Ricky Ponting, the former captain of the Australian cricket team, has shed light on the team’s struggles against England’s unique Bazball style of play during the Ashes series. Ponting revealed that the Australian side found themselves puzzled over how to counter England’s innovative tactics, resulting in a fair 2-2 scoreline in the series.

Despite Australia’s initial lead of 2-0 in the Ashes, England, led by Ben Stokes, managed a comeback with victories at Headingley and a rain-affected draw at Manchester, ensuring that Australia retained the Ashes. The series concluded with a dramatic 49-run win for England at The Oval, ending the contest at 2-2.

Ponting emphasized the intriguing clash of playing styles between the two teams, particularly England’s Bazball approach. He highlighted that this style posed challenges for Australian players, coaches, and the captain as they tried to devise strategies to counter it.


Reflecting on the series, Ponting commented, “Looking back, it probably had some of the Australian players, coaches, and the captain at different times scratching their head as to how they were going to combat it.” He further mentioned that despite the controversy surrounding the ball change in the final Test, the 2-2 result was justified considering the overall quality of cricket played.

Ponting attributed England’s resurgence to their aggressive batting, especially the impressive performances of opener Zak Crawley. He praised Crawley’s remarkable batting display during the series, particularly his outstanding innings of 180 at Manchester. According to Ponting, Crawley’s form put pressure on the Australian bowling attack and played a significant role in England’s revival.

Furthermore, Ponting applauded the determination of Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, who played six Tests, including the World Test Championship final against India. He also hinted at the possibility of introducing fresh faces into the Test bowling lineup over the next year.

As the Ashes series progressed, Ponting noted Cummins’ outstanding performance and resilience. He mentioned, “As the series wore on, Cummo was probably the pick again, but Starcy was outstanding.” Ponting suggested that considering the depth of talent available, Australia could consider introducing new bowlers, such as Michael Neser, in specific conditions.

In conclusion, Ponting expressed confidence in Australia’s bowling depth and anticipated potential changes in the lineup over the next year, while acknowledging the challenges posed by England’s Bazball style.


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