Rohit Encourages Players to Make Their Own Decisions on the Field, Says Shubman Gill

Indian cricketer Shubman Gill praises captain Rohit Sharma for giving players the freedom to express themselves on the field and discusses World Cup preparation and his form.

Highly regarded Indian batsman Shubman Gill has heaped praise on Rohit Sharma, lauding the Indian skipper for granting players the liberty to showcase their skills on the cricket field.

In an interview with JioCinema, Gill also delved into his impressive form in 2023, the preparations for the upcoming World Cup, his affection for Ahmedabad, his admiration for Captain Rohit, and how the series against Australia is honing India’s readiness for their World Cup match in Chennai.

Here are the key excerpts from the conversation:

Q: You’ve had an exceptional 2023. Do you believe your lead-up to the World Cup has been ideal?

A: Absolutely, this year has been fantastic for me. Our preparation for the World Cup has been solid. We’ve gained valuable momentum from the Asia Cup as well. Timing is crucial when it comes to peaking for a major tournament with numerous matches.

Q: How do you adjust your game for T20 and ODI cricket? What alterations do you make based on the format?

A: The primary factor is time. In ODIs, we have more time, and we’ve realized that the team performing well between the 15th and 40th overs stands the best chance of winning. Since we don’t play as many one-day matches as before, exercising patience during that period is vital. The team that manages the middle overs effectively will succeed.

Q: How did you adapt your game to face a formidable opponent like Australia in an ODI series?

A: Mental readiness is crucial. We cannot afford to give them any opportunity to gain an advantage; they fight until the very end. It’s essential that we deny them any room to enter the game and seize control whenever we have the chance.

Q: Facing a team like Australia, which has defeated us at home in 2019 and March 2023, how does the preparation change?

A: Certainly. This is a sign of a formidable team. They overcame a 1-0 deficit to win the series we played in March. This series serves as an excellent test before the World Cup match in Chennai, allowing us to refine our skills. The lessons we learn here will be more valuable for the World Cup matchup.

Q: Could you share some insights about Rohit Sharma and the nature of your conversations with him?

A: Rohit provides players with significant freedom to express themselves on the field. He also instructs the coaches to allow players to make their own decisions during matches. His best quality as a player and captain is recognizing that the player should be the ultimate judge.

Q: You seem to be a different player when playing in Ahmedabad. What about the city brings out that side of you?

A: Ahmedabad boasts an incredible crowd and a vast capacity stadium, which is highly motivating for me. Apart from that, the atmosphere can be quite intimidating for someone playing there for the first time, but I genuinely relish it. I feel comfortable in that environment.

Q: Any special preparations for facing Australia?

A: There are no specific technical preparations. It primarily revolves around mental readiness, ensuring that you don’t let your ego come in the way in areas where you know Australia can challenge you. Sometimes, you might feel like you can hit every ball for four, but it’s crucial to maintain patience and self-control. It’s all about the mental aspect, not technical adjustments.

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