Roman Reigns supreme as WWE superstar outclasses McIntyre in high-octane clash

Fans and experts hail his terrific performance; however, questions remain about his antics

Wrestling superstar Roman Reigns proved his prowess once again. The 37-year-old WWE star downed Drew McIntyre in the main event to defend the WWE Universal Championship in Cardiff on Saturday night. Fans and experts hailed his terrific performance on Twitter and other social media channels. Incidentally, he defeated the former WWE champion in a hard-fought battle.

However, it was an unconvincing battle for one reason. Disappointingly, there was outside interference in the match. It came from Reign’s family, and it affect the outcome. As a result, fans are asking when will there be a proper match-up between the two. However, it may take an ample amount of time, says inside experts. 

What is next for Roman Reigns?

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns believes he has won the battle by a convincing margin and there isn’t any need to have a rematch. However, the next title defense is likely on October 8. The opponent is yet to be known. The Crown Jewel, which is being planned on November 5, in Saudi Arabia, is another event that could feature the top star.

In that contest, it is likely that extreme rules may take place. The showdown is going to be between McIntyre and Karrion Kross.

A media meet that went haywire

Meanwhile, after defending the title, the WWE heavyweight was in for some heated moments in the press meet. Incidentally, Reigns asked a journalist to acknowledge him before asking the question. But suddenly, he walked out of the presser without answering the question posed by the journalist, much to the dismay of the press. The video is a sudden hit and went viral on social media.

Earlier, there have been talks about the anger management of the superstar. However, fans would hope that the reigning champion controls it and keeps shining as the action switches to the month of October. Till then, he can breathe slowly, as he will remain unchallenged, as a champion! 

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