Sangram Singh returns to professional wrestling after six years

Sangram Singh makes a comeback to the wrestling ring after six years at the Dubai Pro Wrestling Championship.

Renowned two-time Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion, Sangram Singh, is gearing up for a remarkable return to professional wrestling at the Dubai Pro Wrestling Championship scheduled for February 24, 2024. Singh, last seen dominating the KD Jadhav Memorial International Khusti Championships, clinching gold by triumphing over Kevin Radford Jr, expressed his eagerness for this comeback event.

“This comeback serves as a perfect platform for me after nearly six years away from professional wrestling. The anticipated level of competition in Dubai excites me. This sport exemplifies gentlemanly conduct, and I aim to inspire the youth through this event,” remarked Sangram Singh.


Emphasizing the significance of age not being a limitation in sports or life, Singh aims to encourage individuals to pursue their aspirations regardless of age. “I firmly believe that anyone, at any age, can achieve their goals with determination. If my participation inspires even a single young soul, it would be an honor. I invite the youth to join, witness, and support, thus contributing to our nation’s progress,” he added.


The Dubai Pro Wrestling Championship will feature a lineup of five matches, including the much-anticipated headline event featuring Sangram Singh against an opponent to be revealed soon. Additionally, the event will showcase two male and two female wrestling bouts.

Expressing enthusiasm for this new venture into wrestling, Pravin Gupta, an industrialist and WPH promoter, shared his excitement, saying, “My encounter with Sangram Singh sparked a profound change in my perception of wrestling and wrestlers. This sport has brought immense pride to India and has resonated with the common people. Joining this journey to elevate wrestling on an international level is an honor and I hope it inspires generations to come.”

The Dubai Pro Wrestling Championship aims to herald a new era for wrestling, reshaping its perception in the country and providing a global platform for both professionals and amateurs. The event seeks to elevate the standard of wrestling, offering participants a chance to compete on a grand stage and grapple with the best in the world.


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