Sheldon Jackson on not getting selected: Which law says you can’t be picked for the national team if you are above 30

He has shown an exceptional form in both Ranji and Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy.

Sheldon Jackson took on the management authorities after he wasn’t considered for the national squad having had a great domestic season. He has shown exceptional form in both Ranji and Syed Mushtaq Ali’s trophy.

“I’m 34. If I’m performing well, better than a 22-23-year-old, where is it written in the laws of the game that you’re not eligible to get picked for the national team? Who are those people judging you, and on ability are they judging you? By Ranji score? Fitness? If you’re scoring 800-900 runs consistently for two-three seasons, it means you have to be fit. Or you won’t be able to sustain it. So how can you be judged? Many times I hear that ‘he’s above 30’. Where is it written that you can’t be picked? And who are these people who are taking away your right from you?” Sheldon Jackson said.

Jackson is livid with the small amount of time that the players are getting for expressing themselves in the field and he also mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic has also cornered a lot of players as this was their only source of income.

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