Shiv Kapur Advocates for Golf’s Real Growth through Accessible Public Courses

Explore Shiv Kapur’s resilient 20-year golf journey, filled with triumphs and challenges. Discover his insights on mental preparedness and the evolving landscape of golf in India.

Star Indian golfer Shiv Kapur emphasizes that the true expansion of the game lies in increasing the number of public golf courses and driving ranges, making golf more accessible to the masses. In an exclusive interview with IANS, the Arjuna awardee shared insights into his two-decade-long professional journey, the challenges faced, key milestones, and the valuable lessons learned along the way.

Q) How do you see your journey in professional golf so far, the challenges faced, key milestones, and lessons learned along the way?

A) Over my 20-year professional career, I’ve encountered a myriad of ups and downs. Traveling globally, and adapting to diverse conditions, courses, and cultures presented its challenges. Yet, every moment has been savored, and the resilience developed while competing against the world’s best has been a transformative experience. From clinching the Tour championship in Asia in my rookie season to navigating through a seven-year slump before my next triumph, each phase toughened me and deepened my appreciation for victories.


Q) What about the mental preparation and focus needed while playing golf?

A) Golf’s highest echelons prioritize mental fortitude over physical prowess. The ability to maintain composure under pressure distinguishes the good from the great. Cultivating a calm mindset in stressful situations is crucial. Success in golf demands a combination of meditation and a killer instinct.

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Q) Your role as a Marriott Bonvoy ambassador?

A) As a proud Marriott Bonvoy Golf Ambassador, I aim to share my knowledge and experiences with their esteemed guests. Beyond material possessions, I provide unique experiences, such as inside-the-ropes access and one-on-one interactions, enriching their golfing journey. This role allows me to give back to loyal customers, using golf as a conduit for them to enjoy unforgettable days.

Q) Your thoughts on the evolving landscape of golf in India?

A) While the corporate side of golf in India flourishes with remarkable young talent, the true growth will materialize through the creation of more public golf courses and driving ranges. This initiative is pivotal in democratizing the sport, ensuring its accessibility to a broader audience.


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