Shubman Gill acknowledges challenge of infrequent encounters with Pakistan’s bowling attack

Indian opener Shubman Gill reflects on the challenge of not regularly facing a quality bowling attack like Pakistan’s due to the limited encounters between the two teams.

As the highly anticipated India-Pakistan Super Four match in the Asia Cup draws near, Indian opener Shubman Gill acknowledges the challenge of not regularly facing a quality bowling attack like Pakistan’s. The infrequent encounters between the two teams due to political tensions mean that Indian batters have limited opportunities to assess and analyze Pakistan’s formidable bowling lineup.

Gill emphasized the significance of facing new and unfamiliar bowlers, especially left-arm pacers, which are a relatively rare encounter for the Indian team. He pointed out that not frequently playing against high-quality attacks like Pakistan’s can have an impact in major tournaments.

“In this regard, having a left-arm throw-down specialist is immensely beneficial. We’ve had Nuwan Seneviratne, a left-arm throw-down specialist, traveling with us for the past seven to eight years. His presence aids in preparing for the specific angles and variations that left-arm pacers bring to the table. Playing against Pakistan is a different challenge altogether.”


“My first senior-level match against Pakistan was a high-pressure situation. However, in the World Cup, every game is crucial, and there’s a constant pressure to perform as they are all must-win matches. Acclimatizing to this level of nervousness and pressure against Pakistan will undoubtedly help us in the nine World Cup games ahead,” Gill commented.

Regarding the strengths of Pakistani bowlers Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah, Gill noted, “Both of them are distinct and possess unique styles of bowling. Each bowler has their own area of expertise. Shaheen primarily relies on swing, whereas Naseem employs pace. If conditions assist him, Naseem adapts his approach accordingly. They pose different challenges in various conditions and situations against the opposition.”

Shubman Gill, who topped the run charts for the Gujarat Titans in IPL 2023, recently overcame a lean patch. He showed signs of returning to form with a resilient unbeaten 67 off 62 balls in a successful chase against Nepal, forming an unbroken 147-run partnership with captain Rohit Sharma. Gill emphasized the importance of trusting one’s game and maintaining self-belief, even during periods of challenging performances.

“Sometimes, there may not be a significant technical flaw; it’s also about the quality of the bowlers. Bowlers are there to take wickets, and you may encounter excellent deliveries. To succeed, you must trust your game, continue your process, and back yourself to perform well. It’s crucial to persist and have faith in your abilities.”

In closing, Gill highlighted the dynamic partnership he shares with Rohit Sharma as openers. While Rohit tends to take on bowlers aggressively, Gill’s style revolves around ground strokes during the powerplay. This combination provides a diverse and formidable challenge for opposition bowlers.

“Rohit enjoys taking on the bowlers, while I prefer to play more ground shots during the powerplay. Our partnership works effectively because we complement each other. Our distinct approaches to shots and situational play can create difficulties for the opposition in containing us.”


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