T20 World Cup: Highest Individual Score by a Player

T20 World Cup has given space for many records to be formed. Know about the highest individual scored by players in the matches.

The T20 World Cup leaves a very small room for error for the cricketers. The Batters try their best to score as many runs as possible. 20 overs are given to the batsmen, and they must use them to their fullest capacity. The records are made because of this very reason. The batsmen are aware that the number of balls is very less that are given to them. In order to give some chance to the team to win the match, they must score the maximum runs if they get the first chance to bat. The team that is responsible for chasing the target should also work hard towards accumulating the maximum number of runs.

The following are the statistics that showcase the highest individual scores by a player:

1. Brendon McCullum – Scored 123 in 58 Balls against Bangladesh in 2012


2. Chris Gayle – Scored 117 in 57 Balls against South Africa in 2007

3. Alex Hales – Scored 116 in 64 Balls against Sri Lanka in 2014

4. Ahmed Shehzad – Scored 111 in 62 Balls against Bangladesh in 2014

5. Tamim Iqbal – Scored 103 in 63 Balls against Oman in 2016

6. Jos Buttler – Scored 101 in 67 Balls against Sri Lanka in 2021

7. Suresh Raina – Scored 101 in 60 Balls against South Africa in 2010

The fast pace of the T20 games gives space for the batters to enjoy the game and make runs without any problems. The reduced number of balls give them little choice but to try to use the maximum out of the existing ones. That may also be the reason why there are so many records for the bowlers as well. Give a look at the other records to know more about the T20 World Cup and achievements of the players.

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