The most titled tennis players of the last decade

Learn about the most titled tennis players of the last decade. We have prepared the most interesting information for you.

The U.S. Open Tennis Championships is a historic and highly regarded global competition.

Founded in 1881, the tournament has ranked fourth on the tennis calendar since 1987 behind the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.

Since its inception in 1978, the main tournament held in New York City has been characterized by a higher level of difficulty for men’s singles players compared to the other three tournaments. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to achieve a significant number of wins.


There hasn’t been a tennis player who has managed to win more than five titles at the US Open in recent times, making it the toughest tournament to defend a title.

In our extensive list, we highlight notable champions who have had great success in the Open Era, winning multiple titles at the men’s US Open.

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Roger Federer: 5 titles at the US Open

There is a legendary personality in the world of tennis triumphs – Roger Federer. This tennis player has triumphed not once, not twice, but as many as five times at the US Open. At the same time, he stood in line with those elite athletes who hold the record for the number of titles won at this prestigious tournament.

Federer dominated the courts of New York during his golden era, triumphing in five consecutive tournaments from 2004 to 2008.

Prior to that remarkable streak, despite entering Wimbledon in 2003 as the reigning champion and number two seed, he suffered a fourth-round defeat to David Nalbandian. That unexpected loss paved the way for Andy Roddick, who, sparked by the hopes of the home crowd, eventually became that year’s champion.

Under the weight of expectation, Federer began to shine again. After a tense duel with Andre Agassi in the 2004 quarterfinals, our hero emerged victorious. With unwavering determination, he quickly defeated Tim Henman and then delivered a crushing blow to Lleyton Hewitt in the final. The 6-0 7-6 (7-3) 6-0 scoreline speaks for itself, marking a triumphant climb to victory at the inaugural US Open.

The Swiss star was triumphant once again, winning his second crown thanks to victories over Nalbandian, Hewitt and Agassi in the second week. A superb four-set victory over former 2006 champion Roddick was the end of a remarkable hat-trick by the enigmatic player.

In 2007, Djokovic suffered a decisive defeat to Federer for his fourth consecutive victory. This started a series of five grand slam finals between these legendary rivals.

In 2008, Federer scored a major triumph at the US Open. Djokovic was defeated in a fierce semifinal match, which allowed him to secure a convincing victory over Andy Murray in the final.

At the time, it was a bold prediction that this victory would be Federer’s last US Open win. He went on to defeat Djokovic, once again securing his place in the final in 2009. Juan Martin del Potro, showing tremendous skill and determination, broke the Swiss’ winning streak against the number one seed. Despite an initial 2-1 lead, the final match turned into a tense five-set battle.

Over the next few years, Federer was back in the game, his competitive spirit revitalized. It seemed that victory was within reach, with only a few decisive moments changing in his favor. However, Federer suffered a setback when he failed to capitalize on the opportunity to win two consecutive semifinal matches against Djokovic. This turn of events marked a change in the dynamics of their future rivalry.

In 2011, a series of disappointing defeats was a turning point for Federer. It was a year that moved away from his previous triumphs, breaking a streak that had lasted since 2002 and leaving him without a single major victory.

In the following three seasons, Federer managed just one victory at Grand Slam tournaments – at Wimbledon in 2012. He failed to reach the final of the US Open during this period.

However, in 2015, there was a glimmer of hope that he could set an all-time US Open record by winning a remarkable sixth title. The protagonist effortlessly reached the deciding match without giving up a single set the entire time. After a six-year absence, he was finally in the final, but he lost to Djokovic in a hard-fought four-set match.

Federer’s quest for a sixth win was interrupted in 2016 due to a botched knee surgery. Despite his best efforts, he has suffered disappointing defeats in his last three attempts in the States, with two quarterfinal exits and one fourth-round setback.

With an impressive collection of five titles, seven finals and 10 semifinals, Federer’s record at the US Open is one that few can match.

Pete Sampras: 5 US Open titles

Pete Sampras, winner of five US Open titles, is a prominent figure in the world of tennis. His triumphs on the big stage of his native country add extra sweetness to his illustrious career.

In 1989, as an 18-year-old youngster, he boldly made his intentions known by destroying reigning champion Mats Wilander in the second round of the tournament.

In a surprising turn of events, Sampras won his first major crown, winning the prestigious Flushing Meadows tournament the following year. Remarkably, in the quarterfinals, this outsider defeated the legendary Ivan Lendl, who had dominated the previous eight finals, in a hard-fought five set match. This determined competitor subsequently defeated John McEnroe and Andre Agassi for his first major victory. At the age of 19 years and 28 days, he made history as the youngest ever winner of the US Open in men’s singles.

In 1991, Pete suffered a setback in the quarterfinals against Jim Courier. However, he quickly regained his composure and reached two consecutive US Open finals.

In the final, Sampras faced the formidable Stefan Edberg, but despite winning the first set, he was defeated. This disappointing outcome marked a two-year drought for Sampras, who was hungry to win his second Grand Slam title.

In 1993, he achieved his first triumph at Wimbledon, beginning a legendary run that saw him win a total of seven victories on the prestigious grass courts. He also demonstrated his exceptional skills by winning his second US Open title, defeating Cedric Pioline in a hard-fought, two-set victory.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sampras was defeated in a thrilling five-set match against the talented Peruvian Jaime Izaga. However, this setback was only a brief interruption to Sampras’ path in the tournament. With unwavering determination, he quickly recovered and scored two consecutive victories. This remarkable feat led to Sampras proudly winning three US Open titles within four years.

In ’94, a certain opponent was defeated in four sets, followed the next year by an easier victory over another American opponent.

Defeats to Korda and Rafter occurred before Sampras was forced to miss the 1999 tournament due to injury. His physical condition hampered him during his semifinal defeat to Rafter.

After a short break, Sampras finished his participation in the US Open with an outstanding performance, reaching three consecutive finals.

Marat Safin and Lleyton Hewitt were formidable opponents, but Sampras never gave up. In 2002, he emerged victorious, defying all odds. But fate had it differently: the curtain of his brilliant career came down. The stage was set for an epic confrontation, a battle of the titans: he met his formidable opponent Agassi. Memories of their first meeting in the final of the tournament a dozen years ago came flooding back to him. In a thrilling four-set victory, Sampras emerged triumphant and made history by winning 14 titles at majors, a record unmatched in the Open Era. After careful deliberation, he made the decision to bid farewell to the sport, leaving it on the highest note imaginable.

Rafael Nadal: 4 US Open titles

Rafael Nadal is a prominent figure on the ATP Tour, having achieved outstanding results at the prestigious US Open. Known for his prowess on the clay courts of Roland-Garros, the Spaniard boasts an impressive quartet of US Open titles, as well as a stellar 4-1 record in the decider.

By the time of his first triumph in 2010, he had already conquered the three remaining prestigious tournaments and disappointed seven times in his quest for victory at Flushing Meadows. Among those attempts were semifinal defeats to Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro.

In a whirlwind of determination, he quickly made up for lost time by gracefully reaching the US Open final three times in a row. Each time it was a thrilling showdown with the formidable Novak Djokovic. He won in 2010, lost in 2011, and rose to the top again in 2013 (unfortunately, he was unable to compete in 2012 due to injury).

Injuries plagued Nadal as he approached the end of his illustrious career. Subsequent US Open tournaments kept him out due to his deteriorating physical condition, and once again he fell victim to injury in the semifinals against Del Potro.

However, he added another to his impressive collection of victories by triumphing in two more US Open tournaments. In 2017, he effortlessly defeated Kevin Anderson with a fifth set victory. Then, in 2019, he demonstrated his exceptional skills by defeating Daniil Medvedev.

Novak Djokovic: 3 titles at the US Open

Novak Djokovic went through a whole host of emotions at the US Open. For Novak Djokovic, who has an impressive career record, it may come as a revelation that he has won just three men’s singles titles. Many tennis players would undoubtedly dream of at least a fraction of such an accomplishment.

In the realm of fierce competition, our hero has faced both triumph and heartache. Six times he went to the big stage, but was defeated by formidable opponents. The names of the indomitable Rafael Nadal, the elegant Roger Federer, the resilient Andy Murray, the tenacious Stan Wawrinka and the rising star Daniil Medvedev are etched in his history. It was this final match that proved to be his momentous moment, denying him the chance to win a calendar Grand Slam in 2021.

Having triumphed over formidable opponents – Nadal in 2011, Federer in 2014 and Juan Martin del Potro in 2018 – the Serbian tennis player’s final victory. This remarkable achievement solidified the Serbian star’s dominance at Grand Slam tournaments, where each prestigious title has been won at least three times.

Apart from periodic failures in the finals, Djokovic’s quest for more victories in the United States has faced various challenging circumstances.

In 2020, fate dealt him a cruel blow when he was disqualified from the tournament. A momentary loss of control led to an embarrassing incident when the ball inadvertently hit a woman on the baseline during a fourth-round match. Transported to the year 2022, another twist of fate awaits him. Strict travel laws related to the coronavirus vaccine in the United States prevented him from competing.

In tennis, Djokovic not once but twice tasted the bitter taste of defeat in the semifinals against the formidable Federer during the zenith of the Swiss star’s career. Regret haunted Djokovic in 2014, when he suffered a surprise defeat to the talented Kei Nishikori, and he longed for the chance that had eluded him. In that year’s final, the challenger faced a formidable opponent in the form of Marin Cilic and was eventually defeated. Djokovic was absent from the 2017 tournament due to an unfortunate elbow injury.

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