Thomas Muller deflects on upcoming Dortmund clash as pivotal in his career

Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller considers the Dortmund game crucial in his career, seeking redemption post their German Cup exit. He reflects on the importance of the clash and its impact on their league standings.

Bayern Munich’s upcoming faceoff against Borussia Dortmund has Thomas Muller reflecting on the German Cup exit and gearing up for what he terms as a crucial encounter in his career.

The German champions are still reeling from their recent German Cup elimination. Muller referred to it as a “shock-like state,” a situation far from their expectations. “We need to rebound and showcase our fighting spirit,” Muller emphasized ahead of their Dortmund showdown on Saturday.

Muller acknowledged the strong performance of Bayer Leverkusen, VfB Stuttgart, and RB Leipzig, underscoring the necessity for Bayern to show resilience and clear intent.


After the unexpected Cup loss against Saarbruecken, Muller stressed the importance of Bayern demonstrating vitality in their upcoming games.

In the impending 134th clash between Dortmund and Bayern, Muller relies on his prior positive record against the Black and Yellow side, having won 15 of 25 encounters.

Historical statistics reveal Bayern’s dominance in the fixture with 66 victories against Dortmund’s 35.

Muller emphasized the significance of the Dortmund clash in his career, considering it as the most thrilling encounter, energizing him for the game.

Expressing enthusiasm, Muller noted the excitement not only among German fans but also globally ahead of this classic encounter between two of Germany’s most successful clubs.

Muller aims to rectify Bayern’s recent setback and make progress in the league, although it won’t erase the Cup loss.

This season’s Classico is unique, with neither team contending for the league’s top spot. Muller acknowledged the need to stay close to the desired league position, eyeing the national title.

Despite having seen more time on the bench in recent years, Bayern’s management is considering offering Muller a new contract, highlighting his value both on and off the field.

The sporting director emphasized Muller’s pivotal role in the team’s spirit and conveyed Bayern’s strong intention to retain him, signaling his immense significance for the squad.


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