Top 10 cricketers who made sudden retirements

Many cricketers have been at the top of their games but due to some reasons have also witnessed setbacks. Here are the top 10 cricketers who made sudden retirements.

Everyone, as they say, must leave sooner or later. If life provides you tremendous success and happiness, you must be prepared to face the inevitable downturn. The world of cricket is no different in this regard. No player can play cricket for the rest of their lives. They will have to retire from it permanently at some point; nonetheless, there have been some cricketers whose careers have ended and they have had to retire.

So, let’s take a look at some of the cricketers whose careers ended abruptly.

  • Navjot Singh Sidhu


The former Indian cricketer, who was thought to be a really happy person, regrettably fell victim to the team’s politics, forcing him to leave sport behind. It is widely assumed that Sidhu was purposefully kept out of the starting eleven and was frequently replaced by others. After retiring from cricket, he worked in television and politics.

  • VVS Laxman

Media plays a significant role in disseminating and distorting news. They expertly manipulate our minds and persuade us to believe specific things. Something similar occurred to this former Indian batter. Laxman got only a couple of half-centuries in four test matches during India’s 2011 tour to Australia. As a result of this, the media and previous cricketers began to criticise his decreasing batting skills and his inability to play. Unfortunately, these events took their toll on him, and he announced his retirement.

  • Nathan Bracken

A former Australian left-arm bowler, who held the record of being the World’s No.1 bowler, had his cricket career cut short due to a knee injury. Despite extensive medical treatment, Nathan was unable to fully recover and announced his retirement in 2011. He last played an international match in 2009.

  • Mohammad Kaif

He was a former Indian hitter who had seen success in his career for numerous years. He frequently contributed to India’s victory by scoring runs at critical moments. When Greg Chappell took over as coach, he routinely modified the team’s batting order. It had a significant impact on Kaif’s strike rate, and he did not score enough runs as a result. He announced his retirement from all forms of cricket in 2018.

  • Henry Olonga

Henry Olonga was a Zimbabwean fast bowler whose career lasted only a few months. It’s because, during the 2003 World Cup, he donned a black band to protest Zimbabwe’s dwindling democracy. Since he was arrested, this conduct has had a significant toll on his life, both personally and professionally. As a result, he decided to quit because he couldn’t play for his nation while denouncing its political system.

  • James Taylor

He was an English cricketer who had to call it quits with a heavy heart. It’s because he had an insidious heart ailment and needed to break ways with Cricket to protect his health.

  • Jonathan Trott

After losing a series to the West Indies, this former English batsman abruptly announced his retirement. Trott struggled to perform effectively in that series and later revealed that he was suffering from nervousness. As a result, he elected to leave his work to focus on his mental health.

  • Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher, a former South African wicketkeeper, is next on the list. He was unquestionably the best wicketkeeper, but it cost him dearly. During one of the matches in 2012, he received an eye injury when a bail impacted his left eye. This dreadful accident compelled him to retire because he did not fully recuperate.

  • Craig Kieswetter

Craig Kieswetter, an English wicketkeeper, is the second-last person on the list. He, too, was forced to retire early owing to an eye injury suffered while batting in a domestic competition. He attempted a comeback after his injury but failed miserably because he misjudged the line and length of the bowl.

  • Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen, one of the greatest English batters, rounds off the list. He abruptly announced his retirement in 2018, despite being known as the greatest modern batsman and for his ferocity. His supporters were heartbroken by his unexpected departure.

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