Top 5 Controversial Dismissals in cricket history

Cricket despite being known as a gentleman’s game is filled with controversies. Here is a look at the top 5 controversial dismissals in cricket history.

Cricket, which is renowned for maintaining sportsmanship and is sometimes viewed as a gentleman’s game, could not stay out of the spotlight. Sometimes, certain cricket moments developed an opinion and sparked a lot of discussion. These arguments centred on a player’s wicket, a rule infraction, or a failure to uphold the appropriate code of conduct. So let’s examine some of cricket’s most contentious dismissals in the past.

Sourav Ganguly vs Australia in 2008

Poor on-field judgements made the second test between Australia and India, which was already well-known for the “Monkeygate” incident, even more contentious and peculiar. When Ganguly edged a ball from Brett Lee during this game, the ball ended up in Michael Clarke’s grasp at second slip. Although the fielder instantly celebrated and the umpire declared Ganguly out, a replay revealed that the ball had already touched the ground before entering his hands, demonstrating that he was not out.


Jos Buttler Mankad in IPL 2019

Despite being lawful according to the cricket rulebook, mankading is one of the most contentious ways to get rid of a batter. As a result, when Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin used this technique to eliminate English batter, Jos Buttler, it caused a lot of controversy and was viewed as going against the spirit of the game. Ashwin refused to change his request for an appeal despite the on-field umpires’ requests. It happened during the game between the Rajasthan Royals and Kings Eleven Punjab.

Jonny Bairstow in Ashes 2023

The Ashes series between England and Australia is known historically as a fierce contest that features some remarkable incidents in each Ashes series. Bairstow’s wicket this time during the second test match caused chaos, especially because England lost the match. On July 2, 2023, Bairstow nonchalantly stepped beyond the crease when Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey struck the stumps with a ball. The latter was ultimately awarded because, in the opinion of the umpires, the ball was not ruled dead.

Sachin Tendulkar vs Australia in 1999

Tendulkar’s dismissal during the 1999 India tour of Australia is the following contentious dismissal on this list. Tendulkar ducked as he saw the short ball from Glenn McGrath, but the ball stayed low and struck his shoulder. Tendulkar was declared out after an Australian appeal after an LBW.

Stuart Broad in Ashes 2013

Technically not a dismissal but controversial in its own way. Even though the ball had hit the edge during the opening test of the 2013 Ashes series, the umpire determined that English bowler Stuart Broad was not out. Ashton Agar was the bowler. The Australians were unhappy with this choice, in part because they ultimately lost this test match.

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